Who rules?

I posted in order of who is the one at home
who rules the house?  who have the remote control of everything?
plus who is the super special kid at home from mom and dad...?

I want to add something else. I have to give a big thanks to Ryleigh
because she make things easy for her bloggers, I was supposed to blog with 2 other girls
but one is celebrating in rl (religious holiday and the other was sleeping) and I´m tired 
almost going to crawl to my bed.
So I decided to make the whole post alone... But I´m always greatful for her 
support for all of her bloggers!

...I'm wearing...
Hair Doe: Cricket @ Chapter Four  (Bows) Solid - Blondes
Binky {LPP} Bunny Binkies *Sky* and Petal
Sweater {PB}@ The Family Closet  {PB} Sibling Lil Blue Baby
{PB} Sibling Mid Pink Baby, Sibling Big Blue Baby
Jeans Little Closet - Rolled Jeans - Bleached - Baby

Special thanks
Ryleigh ♥

Sorry if you find a mistake in my spelling, I´m really tired this is my second day at my rl job, vacations are over.