Mimi Gaufrette's for Lazy Sunday for kids

Madeleine 1 (blue)
 60L until monday

 as Mina says: (designer)
" Because I really believe that every little girl should have a ballet dress in her wardrobe"
This is a beautiful ballerina dress with blue details
this is a special sale for Lazy Sunday for kids
ballet slippers aren´t included

in this case my avi is a regular kid
Thanks to Mina for her amazing designs :D

Mimi Gaufrette's Release! :D


  dress with sculpted strap sleeves and flexi skirt perfect for the sunny days. It comes in three different colors. 
Mimi Gaufrette's 

Thanks Mina Bergiere, they look so cute!


Join the suscriber for this beautiful hair (group gift)
Jessy Rigged Mesh hair
and it´s free!
all colors are included

*Baby Pie*

 Beautiful dress with a lovely hairband
looks so cute!!
 and it´s FREE!
limited time free outfit


Hair: D!va
Dress: Larnia 50L Friday for kids (only for this week)
Backpack: Candystripes (hunt gift) limited time
necklace: Pixel Fashion 

I believe in angels and friends
because they don´t let me fall...

Cute Bytes @ KidSynk

 Moonee skin and shape

You can find this skin and shape  @ Cute Bytes/KidSynk

 Thanks: Bit McMillan

:D LoVe U :D

Dress: Turducken's Clearance sale (limited time)
Hair: Tisha Truth Hair
Necklace: My Heart necklace Pixel Fashion

I love:
my parents Beta & Humberto
for their love, support, both have many qualities
I love you with all my heart!
you have the keys of my heart

Thank for loving me

this is what I feel about you :D

from your forever daughter:
 Jenna Bade Ballyhoo



 FairyTales Gardens

 Candii Kitten

Lvs Kids

These are some items for the new collection of KidSynk for this month
all items less than 100L
time to go shopping!

Mimi Gaufrette's Release! :D

Claudia 1

Claudia 2
Claudia 3

Claudia is the release from the store Mimi Gaufrette
this dress fits toddlers too! :D
you can choose between 3 different colors

Thank you ...Mina Bergiere

Lotsa Flowers Hunt gift # 18

 This is the flower that you need to find
(double click to enlarge)

- Rachel 2-

This dress is part of the  ......Hunt gift
and if you love flowers you most have this dress :)
 Hint: Light a candle to find me!
don´t miss the oportunity to have this cute dress!

Thank you Mina Bergiere for sharing this beautiful design

50L Friday...

These are only 3 of the items from  50 Linden Friday sale,
remember to buy those items before Friday midnight
Happy shopping! :)

Mimi Gaufrette's Release! :D

Cecile 1

Cecile 2

Cecile 3

Mimi Gaufrette has a new release!
there are three different colors to choose
fits regular kids and toddlers

Thank you Mina Bergiere, for sharing your lovely designs

Mimi Gaufrette

Mimi Gaufrette has a new group gift - Rachel 1-
that combines three colors: purple, green and white
this dress looks so cute  and you can find it, in the suscriber 
of the mainstore. Check  notice 2
hurry you can´t miss this beautiful dress!

 Thank you: Mina Bergiere for sharing this beautiful design

Lvs Kids & LacieCakes

Dress: Lvs Kids FREE!
just find Bob´s collar (hint:Bob is the dog with a pink collar) 
Necklace: LacieCakes@LLL Family Fair 100% for Autism speaks
Paci: Chelsea's Children Clothes
Shoes: Larnia

Today is the "World Asthma Day".