If you moustache...I'm Daddy's Little Girl

If you moustache...I´m Daddy´s Little Girl

Hi Dear Friends!
I am wearing a cute outfit in my favorite color, if you are daddy´s little girl
you´ll love it and I am sure that your daddy too!
 This is a nice way to say  that you are "his little girl"

This outfit includes:  cute eye glasses, hair bows, with a binky, blue shirt and skirt
 with a pair of shoes  only for toddleedoo kid or baby

Only @

special thanks to:
PrettyBubblez Resident

Video: Dance with my Father again - Celine Dion
dedicated to my sl daddy I love you... my  forever daddy!!

and everytime I go to bed you are in my thoughts with this:
"Mija no te olvides de hacer tus oraciones, meme riko"
I Love U daddy! 


I was blogging for mommy´s blog and I found:
This cap, is a FREE gift from CheerNo store...
yes I know! well you can ask your daddy if he can go with you
Warning: CheerNo is a Mature sim  and my advice:
always go with a member of your family or a group of friends


Easter basket

 bunny tail

cute bunny ears with pink bows

- Easter Outfit Toddleedoo-
This is a cute dress with leggins
(includes: bracelets, bunny ears headband, basket, shoes, don´t forget the tail)
 Find this outfit @:

Special Thanks:
(Bubz Boom)
PrettyBubblez Resident
video: from Happy Easter


for girls

for boys or unisex

These outfits are part of the Easter Hunt @ {Heritage} from the store Woopsiedoo,
you can find 1 for girls and the other 2 could be for boys or unisex... 
the boots have resize script and comes in 3 different  colors: for the girls, brown and green with blue and these are only for toodleedoo baby and kid.

Hurry!!! because Easter hunt ends this sunday 
and there are 16 eggs hidden near the stage of {Heritage}, 10L each one

Video: Snuggle Bunny song

Counting Sheepies: 1...2...3...4...

Cherry, Butterscotch, Creamsicle and Mint

 this is Cherry

Outfit: {PiPo} Little Pow Pow <Pink>
 Sheepies: Zodiac -Aries
Warning: You need to go with your mom, dad or a group of friends,
 because it's an adult's store
never try to go alone!
(Mature sim)

None of the sheepies were hurt in this post! LOL
This is what I call: gatcha nightmare, when you  like something and you
can´t avoid dreaming and counting them...

 Special Thanks:
Pita Crumb
 Video: Shaun the theme song

Macaroni Kid & Peekabee @ imagine

the bracelet "Forever in my heart"

bracelet's heart  (my parents)

Outfit: Peekabee @ imagine
Bracelet: :Macaroni Kid:  Forever in my heart @ imagine

If you like dandelions and purple this is a cute outfit to choose!
But little girls love jewelry and in this case I am going to write something special about this bracelet:
 It's a costume made order that you can find at imagine from the store Macaroni Kid, you pay for it and inside of the file  you'll  find in your inventory a notecard that you can fill  for
this beautiful and sweet bracelet, don´t forget to paste the transaction history and send a fullperm favorite picture, and the designer will add it to your bracelet.

I´m so happy because I have the picture of the people I love (my parents) and I am sure
you'll love as much as I do!

Special Thanks to:
Georgie Iceghost

Purretes @ imagine

Spring is here! Karime is the name of this beautiful
 white dress with tiny flowers, from Purretes
 This outfit includes sandals.

You can find this dress @:
Purretes @ imagine

Purreta Mint

{PiPo} @ imagine

Little Zombie in Luvs (green)

Do you like to play killing zombies?
Well I played once a  long time ago, but this outfit is so cute!
The outfit includes: Cardigan, shorts and shoes

 Find this outfit:

EASTER HUNT @ {Heritage}

For today I have 2 different outfits, both are cute and I know you´ll love them

Outfit: Inner Peace for Easter Hunt (only the outfit, shoes are not included)
Magical wand: Baby Pie for Easter Hunt
Shoes: Inner Peace (Main store)  Match Away [pink] Baby sneakers
Only for Toddleedoo

This outfit is from the store Pon Pon for the Easter Hunt @ {Heritage}
Includes shirt, head band,  pants and  shoes
cute and original!
Only for Toddleedoo
Remember there are 16 easter eggs hidden @ {Heritage} only for 10L each one,
the hunt will end next sunday


Easter is around the corner, so I was looking for an easter basket and I found
this sweet basket full of kittens, it also comes with 2 boxes of kittens, awww! 
and 2 more options of baskets: full of orange kittens, with one black and one white.
check the page...
The japanese uniform comes with another color of vest (blue)
Remember: Only for Toddleedoo

Basket: LMN Cute Kittens! @ Market Place 10L
Japanese Uniform: Woopsiedoo Japanese Girl school Uniform
(there's a boy version)

Special thanks:
to my uncle Zarek, he gave me a new studio as gift :)

imagine. presented by 4kids by kids

This is a special sale with the best stores in sl
You can find clothes, furniture, poses and other stuff
If you want to know where and when  this sale takes place
don´t hesitate to join the group and follow notices




 Rayne Drops


 bits & pieces


{Petite Bowtique} & {Petit Boytique}

 Ello Poppet

 Once Upon a Princess

 Say cheese!

Abby Lane


daisies & denim

 Macaroni Kid

 Princess Couture




Inner Peace

Find all this items @