Enjoy the game!

♥--I'm wearing--♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Volleyball {Little Miss} Volleyball Set - Red includes:
Volley Tee, Vollet Bottom, Knee Socks - White and Black  - 
 Knee Pads - Unrigged with touch resizer script
and Volleyball - w/hold animation and touch resizer script
You can find more colors: black, teal, red, pink, blue and green
Choker Noodles @ Collab88 - Daisy Choker
Hair [monso] My Hair - Eunha /Blonde
Shoes ~Lazo - Emilia Sneakers  - Baby - 

Special thanks
Diane Kimagawa

Every time we go out...

♥--I'm wearing--♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Outfit {Criss} @ Thimble  May Dress *B
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
Choker Noodles@ Collab88  - Daisy Choker
Poses {tg.} @ Thimble Together in weather
Hound &umbrella
 props included

Special thanks 
Julinha Criss from {Criss}
and Gemma Morland from {tg.} 


♥-I'm wearing-♥
Basketball set {Little Miss} Basketball Set - Varsity *groupgift
There are more options (for your favorite team: Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, Cleveland, Spurs, Golden State). For baby and kid toddleedoo.
 Only regular basketball set comes with a ball.
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Jody Mesh Hair - 
Choker Noodles @Collab88 - Daisy Choker
Shoes ~*Buglets*~ TD Skelly Shoe 
Poses LeMomo Basketball wPoses

Special thanks 
Diane Kimagawa

After Ballet Class

When you visit a beautiful place for inspiration...

♥I'm wearing♥
Leotard [M]Boho Baby - Leotard PURPLE (option2) (Baby)
Tutu skirt Beau Bebe @ Color Me Cute  - Twinkle Tutu - Purple
Ballet slippers Bad Seed - Satin Ballet Shoes -Purple {Baby}
Tights Turducken ToddleeDoo - Polkadot Tights - White 
Choker Noodles @ Collab88 - Daisy Choker
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell
Ubrella ~*Buglets*~@ Thimble - Fairylight Umbrella
w/ Lace + Lights

Special thanks
Kisstal Resident 
and Elli Kenin

In case you need it...

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Headpiece Astralia - The perfect gift headpiece
Join the suscriber and get the gift, you can resize
 and change color of this headpiece by a hud
Choker Noodles @ Collab88 - Daisy Choker
Dress ~*Buglets*~@ Color Me Cute  TD Lanie Dress [Peach] (Baby)
Sandals ~LaZo - Bea Sandals Easter Hunt - Baby (peach)
(Limited Time) This hunt ends: April 19th
Poses {tg.} @ POSE FAIR 2017 EXCLUSIVE  - Adoption Day! -
Sign prop included.
Limited time!! 

Special thanks
Elli Kenin from Buglets
Gemma Morland from {tg.} poses

Happy Easter!

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Overall { Clair de Lune }@ Ninety-Nine - Play Overalls {B} Light Blue
Choker Noodles@ Collab88  - Daisy Choker
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
Sneakers {T.T} @ Color Me Cute Angel sneakers  Baby 
Bunny {anc} cotton bunny. sugar [I] 
Bunny {anc} cotton bunny. sugar [A] 
Pose {tg.}@ Color Me Cute - easter baby.

Special thanks
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Gemma Morland from {tg.} poses

A Treasure...

Ocean... our home! Rich of all kind of treasures but we were looking for the best treasure of all.
We were looking here and there...every detail is just perfect. Mother nature never stops to surprise us with all the beautiful things you can find at the ocean.

One of our friends came here to help us. We were busy.

At night we were tired, momma hugged me. I heard all the mermaids singing.
I like to sleep with all of those magical mermaids songs...

But I couldn't sleep, more adventures were comming!

More things to discover, enjoy, and beautiful moments to share 
and learn about each other and all the things around us.

Nobody can be alone, so more joined us! Looking for beauty things and the souls
of our friends, Always looking for the best of each one of them,
their kindness, and happy to be part of this adventure.

The adventure is almost comming to the end of our day.
We are all tired, but  I've learned a good lesson:
"The best treasure of all is: Frienship".

Sometimes we give second chances and this is the time to
redeem ourselves with better and possitive attitutes to others.

So here came the last  mermaid. She was happy to be part of our experience and treasure!

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Mermaid  ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Mermaid Princess Outfit
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
♥Rock and Sea shells props♥
Poses {T.T} @ POSE FAIR 2017 The Mermaids Static Poses
This is Exclusive for The POSE FAIR 2017.
adjustable rezz & sit, props
hide & show option by touch
props used for this blog post: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
  (Opens Today at 12 pm slt Noon, not at midnight)

Special thanks
♥ Roula Laville from {Tiny Trinkets}
♥ Thanks to my mom Beta, Emilio and Erika to be
part of this little adventure.
♥Thanks to Coqueta Georgia & Vlady Veeper 
I had a nice experience, thank you for your support!


♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Outfit [Vk!] Outfit -Mayla - Blue
includes top, shorts and sandals
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell
Headband =Zenith=Chrysanthemum Sheep Headband (Milk)
Choker Noodles @ Collab88 - Daisy Choker
Duck <:*BoOgErS*:> @ Bloom Mr. Quackers

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely from [Vk!]
and Zen Zarco from <:*BoOgErS*:>

Let's play!

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice 
Outfit [Vk!] Outfit -Mimi cat-Pink
includes sweater with leggins, shoes and a cute kitty purse
Hair Doe: Cricket - Blondes

♥Other Credits♥
<:*BoOgErS*:>@ Bloom in this post 
(opens April 15th)
This is a gacha with no RARES and 10 
There are two versions with or without sound
Ring stackers <:*BoOgErS*:> Ring Stacker Toy VIB
<:*BoOgErS*:> Ring Stacker Toy Pastel VIB
Click on the ring stacker and they will fall off
There are 2 options: pastels and bright colors
Popball Waker <:*BoOgErS*:> Popball Walker Pastel Pink VIB
available also in: yellow, red, blue, pink 

Special thanks
Zen Zarco from <:*BoOgErS*:>
Lorena Mosely from [Vk!] 

Books are magic...

Stories too!

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Happy Mesh Hair - Style 1
Ballet outfit ::(CK):: @ {SWANK} Event - Cascanueces (Nutcracker)
(White and silver)
Available for Baby and Kid Toddleedoo
includes tutu skirt, top, socks, slippers, earrings and brooch
the tutu skirt is flexible and resizable.

Click the image to enlarge

Special thanks
Sofia Corleone and Amelie

Celestina's Weddings 

Memories of an Angel...

Before being a blogger in SL I was an Exclusive model
for Celestina's Weddings & Celestina's Kids.
I participated in some model contest and also in the annual runway
Sofia im me to blog again for them.
So she brought all my memories related to fashion and model's shows, beauty pageants
and special contest for all the models and Christmas Special Show.
Wow good memories!
One of my fellow models is another fashion blogger and amazing Photographer
Willowwhoflowers who have a nice post about the adult version

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Angel Luz Outfit .:(CK):.@{SWANK} Event - Angel Luz
available for baby and kid toddleedoo
includes dress, wings, flexi skirt, shoes, socks hud, headband, 
the flexi skirt has a resize skirt 
For those looking for a mommy and me dress, there's an adult
outfit and you can see it in the video at the end of this blog post
Hair booN Lab.030 hair
Big bunny .:(CK):. @ { SWANK} Event - Angel Bunny Friend Sky
you can resize it!
Holdable bunny .:(CK):. @ { SWANK } Event - Angel Bunny Hug Purple
you can resize it!

Click the images to enlarge

Special thanks
Sofia Coreleone & Amelie

Celestina's Weddings - Angeles - Angel Nuriel Gown
in case you need a mommy and me
"Angel Nuriel" @ {SWANK}

Rainy days!

♥-Im wearing-♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice 
Outfit  <:*Boogers*:> & Paper Damsels @ Color Me Cute - Rainy days Outfit
Comes with a jacket&tee, jeans, boots and umbrella.
 You can change the color by huds so you can mix and match
Hair Magika [Hair] Itch
Binky -JP- UniHorn P&G
Ducks {tg.} @ Ninety-Nine - Make Way for Ducklings.
I'm using the ducks from this pose pack (they look so cute) 
Poses {Confetti Poses} Umbrella Pack Kids

Special thanks
Zen Zarco from <:*Boogers*:>
Adelyner Resident from Paper Damsels
Gemma Morland from {tg.} poses and
♥My mom Beta Ballyhoo for her patience

Eggie Juggling!

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice 
Dress ! {sps} Precious
You can change the color of your dress, 
bow, socks, skirt, crown and ears by different huds for each item
In one pack you can get many options for this beautiful dress.
And there's also a  heart bunny nose applier.
all included!!!
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
Nail Polish Paper Damsels @ Hello Beautiful! - Single nails- Easter nails  1- 
Floral Collar .tsg. Lovely Floral Collar - Forever
Poses {tg.} @ Ninety-Nine - Eggie Juggling! - 

Special thanks
Gemma Morland from {tg.}

Follow me!

Gemma I love this pose!

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice 
Hoodie{Juniper}@ Ninety-Nine - Lazy Days {Set 1} {B} Hoodie {Aquamarine}
Shorts {Juniper}@ Ninety-Nine - Lazy Days {Set 1} {B} Shorts {Diamond}
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
Headband .:Finch:.@ Hello Beautiful! Spring Is Here Headband - Blue
more colors available!
Nail Polish Paper Damsels @ Hello Beautiful! - Single nails- Easter nails  1- 
 Shoes ~Lazo - Emilia Sneakers - Baby - 
Poses {tg.} @ Ninety-Nine - Make Way for Ducklings.

Special thanks
Tegan Eternal from .:Finch:.
Gemma Morland from {tg.}

Thinking about a good friend...

When you are worried for one of your friends you pray for them.

♥-I'm wearing-♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice 
Eyes The Cat and Fiddle @ Hello Beautiful - April Showers Eyes (seafoam) 
more colors available at the event
Nose hightlights S*G @ Hello Beautiful - NoseTip Highlights pack 1
You can see a highlight in the nose, there's also an option in the hud
to take off if you don't want.
Dress {Babysteps}@ Ninety Nine - Love and Lace Outfit PINK (BABY)
more colors available!
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell (size40)
Shoes {Babysteps} RIght Rose Flat Solid

Special thanks
Jessika Mary Loordes from S*G
CallistaMarie Resident from The Cat and Fiddle