Ciudad Ink

I have a friend in this place his name is Supremo
he is from Argentina, sometimes he has some events at
his land, he is also a designer and one of my best friends in SL.
Supre! if you read this blog post "I MISS YOU!"
For this blog post I´m wearing a nice outfit from Boogers.
You still have time to go and buy it at Color me Cute...Before April 1st.

♥-About the outfit-♥
Fatpack has all jackets and pants 
Salty has the bold colors only

Sweet has only pastel colors only 
by a hud.

Tshirt hud included in all packs 

♥-I'm wearing-♥
Outfit <:*BoOgErS*:> @ Color Me Cute - Baggy Butt Ensemble 
Hair Doe: @ Lootbox -  Emika Unrig - Blondes
Shoes ~Lazo - Emilia Sneakers - Baby - 

Special thanks
Zen Zarco from <:*BoOgErS*:>

In a few weeks...

♥I'm wearing♥
Dress Enchantique. @ Ninety-Nine - Floral Sweet [rose] B
Bunny ears Glam Affair - Deco Bunny Ears (Dots) Candy
Hair Doe: @ Lootbox Emika Unrig - Blondes
Shoes Turducken ToddleeDoo - Espadrilles - Pink 
Basket ...Mutresse... Easter Basket

Bear&Doll School

-♥ Classroom♥-
Desk NACH  @ Lost & Found - Vintage Desk Pink 1
Desk NACH @ Lost & Found Vintage Desk Green 1
 different options: playdough, draw, Etch'a'sketch, homework, legos, laptop, sit, timeout, cereal
Blackboard TBF Message Blackboard 40x12

♥-!gO! Dolls-♥
You are lucky just click on the link
and you can tp to the store!
!gO! Love my doll - Pola
!gO! Love my doll - Majka
!gO! Love my doll 2 - Krzys

♥-Booger Bears-♥
Only available at each edition from The Arcade
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Arthur 2
<:*BoOgErS*:> Pink Bunneh Bear
You can find some of the bears at yardsales 
Books {anc} garden. pinkbook  (yardsales)

Special thanks
Nancy Chatterbox from NACH

Sweet dreams...

About this gacha:
1 RARE and 16 Commons
Bed: 4 sleep, 4 sits - can be swapped, 3 parent/kid animations
Couch and Bed Stool: 3 single sits, 1 parent/kid animations
All items are Mod/Trans
Available at the Mainstore {Little Miss}
Cute animations for parents and kids

{Little Miss} Woodland Bed (RARE)
{Little Miss} Woodland Nightstand
{Little Miss} Woodland Rug
{Little Miss} Bed Stool
{Little Miss} Woodland Wall Mountain
{Little Miss} Woodland Lamp
{Little Miss} Woodland Couch
{Little Miss} Woodland Book Shelf A
{Little Miss} Woodland Book Shelf B
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Deer
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Fox
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Porcupine
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Owl
{Little Miss} Woodland Animal Pillows
{Little Miss} Woodland Book Stack A
{Little Miss} Woodland Book Stack B
{Little Miss} Woodland Wall Arrow
{Little Miss} Woodland Bunny Rag Doll
{Little Miss} Kawaii Phone
{Little Miss} Woodland Wall Frame - Goodnight
{Little Miss} Woodland Wall Frame - Panda

♥-Other Credits-♥
Jian :: Kitty Pillow (Prints)
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter - Heart
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter - Loose Coil

Special thanks 
Diane Kimagawa from {Little Miss}

Pink fairy

-♥I'm wearing♥-
Outfit {T.T} @ Color Me Cute - Scarlet Romper TD BABY
includes keds and romper
you can change the color of the romper with a hud
~*Buglets*~ TD Willow Wand [Blush] w/ sparkles 
Collar .tsg. Lovely Floral Collar - Virgin
Wings *Epic* Sweet.Celestial Chibi.Wings! {Baby.Pink}
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Viola Mesh Hair -
Poses ~*Buglets*~  Lil Fairy Pose Set - Blogger Pack (Thimble)

Special thanks
Elli Kenin 
and Roula Laville

I ♥ flowers!

-♥I'm wearing♥-
Bento Mesh Head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Bento Shape {.Honey.} ~ Maisy Bento Shape ~(For HelloBeautiful)
Romper {Clove} @ Color Me Cute Chloe {Briar Rose}{B}
Hair Magika [Hair] Thoughtful
Bag +Half-Deer+ The Arcade First Class Kitty - Carry-On - Snow Pale 

Good morning!

-♥I'm wearing♥-
Bento Mesh Head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Bento Shape {.Honey.} ~ Maisy Bento Shape ~(For HelloBeautiful)
Dress ~*Buglets*~ TD Kitticorn Dress [Blush] Group Gift 
Hair Magika [Hair] Thoughtful
Sandals {T.T}@ Ninety-Nine - Hallie sandals 
Stool {T.T}Piglet stool GROUP GIFT

Special thanks
Maggie from {.Honey.} 
Elli Kenin from ~*Buglets*~ 
Roula Laville from {T.T} 


-♥I'm wearing♥-
Overalls Beau Bebe @ Ninety-Nine Gia Overalls - Overalls Color One
for limited time at this event 
Shoes ~*Buglets*~@ Color Me Cute TD Daisy Shoe (Baby) 
Bunny =Zenith=Dreamy Bunny 

Special thanks
Elli Kenin from Buglets
Kisstal Resident


When you go shopping almost the whole day...

♥-I'm wearing-♥
Sweater Shirt . tiptoes - @ Ninety-Nine -  Zoey Crop Sweater Shirt - Cream 
Leggins . tiptoes -@ Ninety-Nine  Zoey Simple Leggings - Cream
Hair *barberyumyum*90(beige)
Locket {TTB} Hello Beautiful! Mommy's Princess Locket
Shoes Turnips. @ Color Me Cute kitty shoes - pastel unicorn TDB RARE
Poses :Shutter Flutter: ~ @ Hello Beautiful!  Little Fashionista  3 and 4

Special thanks
Kricket Calamity from Turnips.
From Hello Beautiful!
AdalynneReed Resident from :Shutter Flutter:

Almost time...

-I'm wearing-
Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Shape {.: DollFace :.}@ Hello Beautiful! - Sierra Shape for  (Alice Bento) 
Hair TRUTH HAIR Zoya  (Vip Group Gift)
TRUTH HAIR Zoya [Bangs]  (Vip Group Gift)
Shirt Enchantique. @ Ninety-Nine -  99 Problems GIFT B
Locket {TTB} @ Hello Beautiful! - Mommy's Princess Locket
Gum momo @ Hello Beautiful! -gum  (raspberry bliss) only for Bento Mesh Head
more flavors available!!!
Shorts {Little Miss} Gartered Shorts - Denim Washed *BABY
Sneakers Beau Bebe @ The Play Room - Glittler Sneakers - RARE WITH HUD - RARE

Special thanks
Kisstal Resident from Beau Bebe
Hello Beautiful!:
TwiggyLove Resident from Momo
Dollface Sugarplum from {.: DollFace :.}

Ouch! I forgot to pack my own shoes...

Shopping like mommy!

♥...I'm wearing...♥
Jumper ~Lazo @ Ninety-Nine - Rena Jumper - Baby - FATPACK
Hair Magika [Hair] Thoughtful
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Bag
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Hat
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Shoes
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Makeup
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Brooch
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Necklace
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Bracelet
Concrete Geek Kiddos Mommy's Glasses

Special thanks
Hello Beautiful!:
Kambell Resisent from Concrete Geek

Sunday afternoon...

I chose Cocoa for this blog post...
both are cute but I really wanted to try Cocoa.

-I'm wearing- 
Bento Mesh Head: Bad Seed Bebe Baboo Bento Head
You can find it in the Main store!
you can choose from Sugar & Cocoa for your skin
includes: 7 skin applier options for each tone; Sugar & Cocoa
(includes body skin appliers)
7 legacy skins in each tone; Sugar & Cocoa
Skin options include: Basic, Blush, Freckles, Hairbase, Brow v.2, No Brow & Dimples
2 legacy shapes for Toddleedoo Baby
2 bento shapes for Bebe Baboo Bento Head
Brow Shapers
Locket {TTB} @ Hello Beautiful! Mommy's Princess Locket
Hair Magika  Thoughtful
Romper Beau Bebe - Isolda - Color me Cute- BABY SIZE ONLY
Shoes Turnips. @ Color Me Cute -  kitty shoes - Cloud TDB COMMON

Special thanks 
Kricket Calamity from Turnips.
Kisstal Resident from Beau Bebe
Hello Beautiful!:
 {TTB} and 
Eeilee from Bad Seed

Nice weekend!

♥-I'm wearing-♥
Bento Mesh Head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head (v.0.9.7)
Bento Shape {.Honey.} ~ Maisy Bento Shape ~(For HelloBeautiful)
Outfit [Vk!] @ Color Me Cute Outfit -Baby Ketly-Floral Pink
Bruise Ohai. @ Hello Beautiful! - Kawaii Bruise V2
Necklace Paper damsels @ Hello Beautiful! Princess necklace K RARE
Hair  [monso] @ Uber - My Hair - Dahyun (norig) /Blonde

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely from [Vk!]
From Hello Beautiful!:
Aneluu Resident from Ohai. 
Maggie  from {.Honey.}  
Adelyner Resident from Paper Damsels


♥-I'm wearing-♥
Outfit [Vk!] @ Color Me Cute -  Quidditch_Collection-Gacha
Sweater, skirt, socks and shoes
Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor Slytherin
for boys and girls
(boys have pants  / girls have skirt)
Hair Magika - Take Flight
Sick nose  {Babysteps} HELLO BEAUTIFUL  - Booger Bubble (Animated)

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely from [Vk!]
Aryiana Novelli from {Babysteps} @ Hello Beautiful!


♥-I'm wearing-♥
Bento Mesh Head  Bento Mesh Head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head
Bento Shape **DoRks**  @ Hello Beautiful! - Avery Bento Shape - Hello Beautiful Event
Bindi :BoWillow: @ Hello Beautiful! - Gem Bindi (TD) - Silver
touch the bindy to change the color
Butterfly S*G  @ Hello Beautiful! - Butterfly Kisses {Nose} Addon
you can change the color of the butterflies by a hud
Hair pr!tty - Yeemi - {Rootless} Free
Necklace Paper damsels  @ Hello Beautiful! - Daughter necklace K only (Gacha)
Outfit [Vk!] @ Ninety-Nine Lina Outfit Violet
more colors available!

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely from  [Vk!]
From Hello Beautiful!:
 AmayaScarlet Brooklyn Resident from **DoRks** 
Archer Candy from :BoWillow:
Adelyner Resident from Paper damsels 


♥- I'm wearing -♥
Bento Mesh Head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head (v.0.9.7)
Bento Shape {.Honey.} ~ Maisy Bento Shape ~(For HelloBeautiful)
Hair pr!tty - Yeemi - {Rootless} Free
Dress ~*Buglets*~ @ Ninety-Nine - TD Hallie Dress [Sky] (Baby)
Socks ~*Buglets*~ @  FLF kidsTD Kitticorn Socks [Sky] (Baby)
Tricycle {T.T} @ Shop hop Victoria tricycle BLUE -resizer-

Special thanks
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Elli Kenin from Buglets
Maggie  from {.Honey.}  @ Hello Beautiful!

Waiting for my friends

-♥ I'm wearing ♥-
Dress Enchantique @ Shop hop Lyric Dress [gum] B
Hair pr!tty - Zoe - {Rootless} :un-rigged:
Shoes Paper Damsels @ Shop hop Clover -Pink-R Sole W
Tights Turducken ToddleeDoo - Polkadot Tights - White - Panty {Hud}
Pet Birdy - Boudoir - Pom - Snow Follow RARE (yardsales or Market Place)

-♥ Tea party set ♥-
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Table]
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Chair]
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Pouf]
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Tea Set] RARE
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Cupcake Mouse]
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Centerpiece]
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Teacup]
~*Buglets*~ Tea Party [Book Mouse]
-♥ Other credits ♥-
Balloons +Half-Deer+ Heart Fairylight Balloons - Light - Group

Special thanks
Elli Kenin

By train...

-♥ I'm wearing ♥-
Outfit {Little Miss} @ Ninety-Nine - Lolita Outfit - 
For baby toddleedoo only
Includes: Dress - apron with inner shirt,  apron only,  neckpiece, hat, removable Pocket,
boots (with socks and no socks version)
What I'm wearing?
In this case I chose to mix some colors: blue, white and pink
{Little Miss} Lolita Dress - White *BABY
{Little Miss} Lolita Hat - White
{Little Miss} Lolita Neckpiece - Pink
{Little Misss} Lolita Boots w/ socks - White *BABY
{Little Misss} Lolita Pocket - Blue
also more colors available: Blue, black, red, mint, purple, teal, white, lemon, mint, cream 
Hair :CHEVEUX:@ Chapter Four M102Hair 07
Nail Polish *CnF* @ Hello Beautiful! "Morning Mist" Nails HUD (Toddleedoo)
Pet Birdy @ The Arcade - Frenchie - Snuggle - Heart

Special thanks
Diane Kimagawa from {Little Miss}
and CallistaMarie Resident from  *CnF* @ Hello Beautiful!