Just thinking...

♥ -- I'm wearing -- ♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Outfit [Vk!] Diele Overall Set-Pink
includes: overall with shirt, shoes with socks
7 different color options for the overall 
Hair *barberyumyum*91(blonde)

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely 


♥ --I'm wearing -- ♥
Dress Beau Bebe @ Color Me Cute - Kaylee Dress Blue
Hair Doe:@ No.21 Kiki   - Blondes
Bow ankle bracelet {T.T} Bow ankle bracelet BLUE (Group Gift)
Headpiece {T.T}@ ATP - Princess -Headpiece
Tippytoes *ToddleeDoo*  - TippyToes - BABY (ToddleeDoo) - 
Tippytoes Ballerina flats Beau Bebe Tippytoes Ballerina Flats - Blue

♥-- Furniture and deco -- ♥
Chalk frames 5 - Beau Bebe - Family Chalk Frames - Brave
11 - Beau Bebe - Family Chalk Frames - Friends
RARE 2 -  Beau Bebe - Family Chalk Frames - Born a Unicorn RARE
Poenies Ariskea[Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box 1[Decor] (group gift)
fee to join
Table dust bunny . basket table
Gift PILOT - Gift Mouse [Plaid]
Chair ~*Buglets*~ Bunny Chair [Blush]

Special thanks
Kisstal Resident from Beau Bebe
Roula Laville from {T.T}

After a long week...

♥ --I'm wearing -- ♥
Swimsuit ~*Buglets*~ @ 50L Friday Kids Market - Adella Swimsuit [Sky] (TD Baby)
Hair tram @ Uber - G0508 hair
Headpiece {T.T} @ ATP -Princess -Headpiece- 
Tippytoes *ToddleeDoo*  - TippyToes - BABY (ToddleeDoo) - 
Bow ankle {T.T} Bow ankle bracelet BLUE (Group Gift)
Flip flops Beau Bebe  - TippyToes Flip Flops - Blue

Special thanks
Elli Kenin from Buglets
Kisstal Resident from Beau Bebe
Roula Laville from {T.T}

♥ Friendship ♥

Check Promise's Blog Here

♥--- Promise --- ♥
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head
Dress  {T.T} @ Color Me Cute  Mariah TD Baby dress
Nail polish {Polished} @ Color Me Cute  Ombre Fatpack - Single Nails {HUD}
Hair Doe Cricket 
Poses {Confetti Poses} @ Thimble  Flower a friend


♥--- Jenna --- ♥
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head
Outfit .Wishes. ~ Boho Baby Dress ~ Blue Paisley ~
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell
Nail polish  {Polished} @ Color Me Cute Ombre Fatpack - Single Nails {HUD}  
Poses {Confetti Poses} @ Thimble  Flower a friend

Special thanks
Brenda Chiu from {Confetti Poses}
and PromiseHope for her time to help me with this blog post ♥

*:.I see the light:.*

♥-- I'm wearing --♥
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head (v.0.9.7)
Outfit [vk!] Outfit Rapunzel  @ Encahanted
includes: dress, bracelet flower, necklace flower,  hairband, socks and shoes, 
Hair [Vk!] Tower Princess Hair-RARE (from the Gacha @ Enchanted)

[Vk!] Tower Princess Hair-RARE
[Vk!] HUD Tower Girl Hair Colors
[Vk!] Tower Princess Tiara 
[Vk!] Tower Princess Shirt
[Vk!] Tower Princess Shoes
[Vk!] Tower Princess bows 
[Vk!] Tower Princess socks
[Vk!] Tower Princess skirt 
[Vk!] Tower Princess shirt
[Vk!] Bag Rapunzel Hunt Gift With Pose

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely from [Vk!] 


 ♥ -- I'm wearing-- ♥
Bento Mesh head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Dress ~*Buglets*~@ Thimble  Bebe Jayda Dress [Lilac]
Butterfly +Half-Deer+ Forest's Tale - Sweet Butterfly
Nail polish {Polished} @ Color Me Cute Ombre Fatpack - Single Nails {HUD} 
Hair .Olive. the Steffi Hair {Non-Rigged}
Sandals {Little Miss} Hearty Thong  - Purple

Special thanks
Elli Kenin from ~*Buglets*~

*My Lil Dino*

♥-- I'm wearing --♥
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice -
Outfit {Criss} inworld Caroline 
includes: Sweater,  jeans and boots
you can change the color by a hud
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Hair TRUTH / Scout (special sale for VIPS)
you need to join the group (group fee)
This style in particular has  nice pony tails but you can change the style with
a hud (you can color the bands and hair  with another hud 
do not be afraid to try it on looks cute!
Nail polish {Polished} @ Color Me Cute Ombre Fatpack - Single Nails {HUD}
Dino MuddPuddles: Dino Rider - Pink

Blog updated!

Special thanks
Julinha Criss from {Criss}
Ingrid Adora Quinn-Darcy from {Polished}

My sunflower

Hi everybody! I´m sorry for my absence
I was sick so it was imposible to blog these past days.

♥ --- I'm wearing --- ♥
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice -
Top {Little Miss} @ Color Me Cute - Offy Top - White *BABY
available in more colors at this event
Skirt {Little Miss} Mini Skirt - Denim Mid *BABY
available @ the maistore, in 6 colors.
Hair .Olive. the Steffi Hair
Choker Noodles @ Collab88 - Crochet Heart Choker
Headband .:Finch:. Spring Is Here Headband - Red
Nail Polish *TD* Simple Nails - Applier HUD
New hud, join and check the suscriber
Shoes .ab - Jennie's Shoes - Crimson
Poses {Confetti Poses} @ Thimble- Girasol

Special thanks
Diane Kimagawa from {Little Miss}
Brenda Chiu from {Confetti Poses}

Almost clean!

[...I'm wearing...]
Outfit [Vk!]  @ Color Me Cute - Mira Set _ Pink/ 
(opens May 15th)
includes dress, bow, sandals and top
Hair *barberyumyum*91(blonde)
Earrings {T.T}@ LTTL SMLL STYL - Diamond Heart earring 
 Bi Monthly event.  An event that offers a size for kids and adult version beside it as well.
 Opening 13th May 2017  -  End 13th June 2017  
Easel MuddPuddles: Easel
Face Paint momo @ Hello Beautiful! - face paint mess 
Pet Birdy - Boudoir - Pom - Snow static stand RARE 

Roula Laville from {T.T}
Lorena Mosely from  [Vk!]
TwiggyLove Resident from momo

Mama's baby girl!

♥--I'm wearing--♥
Outfit [Vk!] @ Color Me Cute Honey Baby Set Unicorn 
includes shorts, pacifier, bib and cap
Opens May 15th!
Hair *barberyumyum*bangs (E)b
Shirt Turducken ToddleeDoo - Lace Undies - White 
Nail Polish *{GBK}* @ Hello Beautiful! Heart Love Nail Set
Sandals CCC @ Ninety-Nine  - Rosette Sandals - Gold

Special thanks
RaidenRose Resident from *{GBK}*
Lorena Mosely from [Vk!] 
Brenda Chiu from {Confetti Poses} 

Come with me!

♥--I'm wearing --♥
Earrings {T.T}Mama & Me Roses earring Gold
Chocker {T.T}Mama & Me Forever Chocker -brown- 
Bracelet {T.T}Mama & Me CUB bracelet 
Hair tram  C607 hair / creamyellow
Tiara {T.T} @ Ninety-Nine - Peonies tiara -peach-
available in more colors
Dress ~*Buglets*~ @ Ninety-Nine -TD Mabel Dress [Peach] 
for kid and baby toddleedoo
available in more colors
Nail polish *CnF* @Hello Beautiful! "Le Printemps" French Manicure HUD (Toddleedoo)
Shoes CCC @ Ninety-Nine - Rosette Sandals - Gold 
Poses :Shutter Flutter:@ Hello Beautiful!  ~ Dance in the Field 1, 3, 4

Special thanks
CallistaMarie Resident  from *CnF* 
Elli Kenin from ~*Buglets*~
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Adalynne Celeste Romano from :Shutter Flutter:


♥-- I'm wearing --♥
Hoodie [Toasty] <:*BoOgErS*:> Backwards Hoodie @ Ninety Nine
comes with a hud to change the color of the hoodie
fries bumper hand
fry mouth
fries hood
Cargo <:*BoOgErS*:> Cargo Shorts
Nail polish S*G @ Hello Beautiful! - Stardust Nail Hud
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell
Shoes {P*D} @ Shop Hop - Slip on Sneakers - black

Special thanks
Zen Zarco from Boogers
Jessika Beaar Resident from S*G


♥...I'm wearing...♥
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice -
Outfit [Vk!] @ Ninety-NineAmora Outfit Pink
includes: dress, hat, socks, shoes
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Fleur Mesh Hair - 
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely

Follow your steps...

♥...I'm wearing...♥
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice -
Outfit [Vk!] Outfit Amani-Blue
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Hair tram  D428 hair / creamyellow

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely


♥-- I'm wearing --♥
Beau Bebe -  Unicorn Swimsuit RARE
Beau Bebe - Pink Rainbow Swimsuit
Beau Bebe - Pink Stars Swimsuit
Beau Bebe - White Dots Swimsuit
Beau Bebe - White Rainbow Swimsuit
Beau Bebe - White Stars Swimsuit
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Nail Polish {Polished} @ Ninety-Nine - Lacey - Crazy Nails {HUD} 
Also available for your mom! - Maitreya, Slink and Omega appliers
also available Single Nails for us Toddleedoo.
Ring {Polished} Ninety-Nine -  Tiny Heart Ring - 
These rings are modify, which means they can be sized to fit anyone! 
For best results with bento, ring sound be worn on either the right or left ring finger. The default should attach to your Right ring finger.
there is a matching set for your mom available!
You can change the ring color by a hud (6 colors)
Poses {Confetti Poses} Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Nail Polish for you and your mom!
Mom: Maitreya, Slink and Omega

Special thanks
Kisstal Resident from Beau Bebe
Ingrid Adora Quinn-Darcy from {Polished}
Brenda Chiu from {Confetti Poses}


♥ --I'm wearing -- ♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Outfit [Vk!] Outfit Bet Crochet-Pink
includes dress and shoes 
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely