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Bad Seed Bebe Body 
available since (July 1st)

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It's time

*♥.....I'm wearing.....♥*
Bento Mesh head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Dress {T.T}@ Shop Hop - Wendy dress TD BABY body NEW!
Hair Doe: @ SaNaRae - Jamie - Blondes NEW!
Earrings {T.T}@ Color Me Cute Nancy earring
Bracelet {T.T} Elli Bracelet
Shoes #EMPIRE @ Toddleedoo Fair - Honeysuckle - TD Baby NEW!

Special thanks
Roula Laville from {T.T}


*♥.....I'm wearing.....♥*
Tee {Little Miss} @ ToddleeDoo Fair Cropped Tee - Pink *BABY
more colors available for kid, baby TD and Bebe
Shorts {Little Miss} @ ToddleeDoo Fair Belted Shorts - Blue *BABY
Shoes {Little Miss}@ ToddleeDoo Fair  Loafers  - Khaki 
Hair *barberyumyum*Drink knot&co. @ 94(blonde)
Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss - Ginger
not sure if you can find the cat at a yardsale or marketplace
Airplane Belle Epoque { Airplane } Group Gift
 (Fee for the group 10L)

Special thanks
Diane Kimagawa

Nodoby got hurt during this blog post.
Goldie is safe at home!

♥Little Mermaid♥

*.:♥...I'm wearing...♥:.*
Headband [Vk!] Little Mermaid-Headband
Tiara [Vk!] Little Mermaid-Tiara
Ears [Vk!] Little Mermaid-Ears-
Necklace [Vk!] Little Mermaid-Necklace
Hair Vk! Little Mermaid Costume-Hair _RARE
Belt [Vk!] Little Mermaid Costume Blue _Belt
Costume Bracers [Vk!] Little Mermaid Costume Blue _Bracers 
Tail [Vk!] Little Mermaid Costume Blue _Tail
My Pet  MishMish - Tabby Merkitten Companion
Special thanks
Lorena Mosely

Crazy adventures with Goldie...

♥...I'm wearing...♥
Bento Mesh head *TD*@ ToddleeDoo Fair - Bento Mesh Head #Moon - NEW!
Mesh Body  - Body - BABY (ToddleeDoo)
Shape ~*Buglets*~ @ ToddleeDoo Fair  TD  Blossom (Moon) - NEW!
for ToddleeDoo & ShrinkeeDoo
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Outfit [Vk!] @ ToddleeDoo Fair Cindy Set-Unicorn NEW!
includes shirt, shorts, sandals
Nail polish {Polished} TD Mermaid Summer - Single Nails - {HUD} NEW!
5 different colors with gold and silver details
also available for Bebe (Bad Seed)
Hair tram @ Uber - G0616 hair NEW!
Eye Glasses {Kokoro} glasses - pink .::Cubic Cherry::.
Goldie !Ohmai: Bloopie Goldfish Bag (Bi-Sunset) -
Not available right now, I hope Any could come back
as a designer with her luggage full of creativity.
Hoverboard MadPea Hoverboard NEW!
you can change the color by touch

**Goldie is safe ...don't worry!
Jenna is fine...and her knees too!

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely
Elli Kenin
Ingrid Adora Quinn-Darcy

Moon - Alice? Special blog post in spanish

Este blog post es más que nada informativo

Alice o Moon?

Ambas son lindas cabezas bento, pero cada quien puede personalizarla con la piel que usan y con el shape que utilizan, así como los ojos y otros accesorios extras como el cabello, etc.

En este caso si utilizan el shape que utilicé para el anterior post,
podrán ver que ahora es posible tener este shape para toddleedoo, shrinkeedoo y Bebe que es el nuevo cuerpo mesh que está por salir a la venta en esta semana.

Alice es una cara aniñada linda que luce bien con baby, kid o shrinkeedoo.
Moon luce dependiendo del shape como de una niña más pequeña...
eso con lo que más o menos vial probar todos los shapes y skins que están a la venta.

Moon es una carita más redondita, los niños más pequeños tienen una carita más redondeada si lo relacionamos a los niños pequeños en RL. Es una carita muy linda ha gustado mucho según los comentarios que he leído últimamente y algunas personas no se animan...
Tomen su tiempo y si no se animan por esta carita yo les animo a que lo intenten.

Y Alex? ....
Alex es un capítulo aparte...yo la usaría más para un shape de kid toddleedoo
por la forma de la cara, solamente la he probado para baby toddleedoo que es el que normalmente utilizo, pero por la forma de la carita es como para una niña un poco más grande.
Pero como dicen en gustos se rompen gé les gusta porqué no usarla?

Esta es una pequeña descripción, cada una tiene sus diferencias....
pero eres tú quien debe decidir! Cuando te gusta una carita puede que al final le pierdas el miedo. 
Algo importante: Prueba todos los DEMOS primero y  hasta que estes 100% convencid@ pues comienza la segunda etapa que es la personalización de tu avatar a tu gusto.

Recuerda que la Feria ToddleeDoo es un evento benéfico que les dará alimento, educación y más a niños en África, recuerda que también hay tipjars en forma de cartel con números rojos que son la cantidad que hay donada y se sumará a la venta de los productos de los vendors que van a donar para este evento (al comprar ayudas y al donar también).

Memories from the past♥

I was talking with someone about things from the past
I was happy with all those  good memories.
Take a camera, take pics and enjoy the moment!
that's my advice for today.

.:♥I'm wearing♥:.
Bento Mesh head *TD*@ ToddleeDoo Fair - Bento Mesh Head #Moon - NEW!
Mesh Body  - Body - BABY (ToddleeDoo)
Shape ~*Buglets*~ @ ToddleeDoo Fair  TD  Blossom (Moon) - NEW!
for ToddleeDoo & ShrinkeeDoo
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Romper [Vk!] @ ToddleeDoo Fair  Heidy Romper  Set-Blue NEW!
includes romper, sandals and headband
more colors available!
Pacifier {P} @ ToddleeDoo Fair GOLD RARE - Beach Pacifier - Mermaid Scales NEW!
8 commons and 2 RARES
Nail polish {Polished} TD Mermaid Summer - Single Nails - {HUD} NEW!
5 different colors with gold and silver details
also available for Bebe (Bad Seed)
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell 
Beach towel {T.T} @ DaeDreamz Beach towel- NEW!
ATP change the event name to: DaeDreamz
you can change the color of the towel by a hud
This towel has sitting props all of the cute and I hope you like it!
Available from July 1st.

Special thanks
Elli Kenin from Buglets
and Lorena Mosely from [vk!]
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Ingrid Adora Quinn-Darcy from {Polished}


This is just and update of Baboo Bento Mesh head 
I´m wearing TD mesh body
Bebe body is comming soon!

Available Bebe Mesh Body DEMO from Bad Seed  <------TP here

♥....I'm wearing....♥
Bento Mesh head Bad Seed - Bebe Baboo Bento Head V 2.3 (New update!)
Mesh Body - Body - BABY (ToddleeDoo)
Nail polish {Polished} @ ToddleeDoo Fair - TD Mermaid Summer - Single Nails - {HUD} 
Overalls.Wishes. @ Color Me Cute ~ Sofia Overalls ~ Pink ~  
also available for baby and kid toddleedoo and Bebe
Earring {BunBun} Bun Earings old group gift
Hair [monso]@ Kustom9 My Hair - Vanilla
Pet Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss - Ginger
available at gacha yardsales

Special thanks
Ingrid Adora Quinn-Darcy

Lunch time!!!

Mima is my witness...
I have to eat all!! even broccoli...if I finish my whole food
I'll get a chocolate at the end of the meal...
at the end I ate everything and I also crashed...Lag ate my chocolate!
That's the end of my lunch adventure.

♥--I'm wearing--♥
Bento Mesh head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Dress {Juniper}@Color Me Cute Anne Dress {Aquamarine}
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell (size40)
Headband Bowtique - Tropical Flower Headband
Food tray <:*Boogers*:>&[Killi's] @ Toddleedoo Fair -  Yummy Food Tray Rainbow

Special thanks
Zen Zarco from Boogers


*♥.....I'm wearing.....♥*
Bento Mesh head*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Baby outfit [Vk!] @ Color Me Cute - Bubu Baby -Duck-GACHA
includes: headband, shirt, shorts, socks and  blanket
Hair *barberyumyum*66 (blonde)

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely

One of those days...

when nothing works...even lag is not helping...!
so I need more sleep.

♥----I'm wearing----♥
Toddleedoo Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Shape ~*Buglets*~ @ ToddleeDoo Fair  TD  Rosalie Shape (Alice)
includes toddleedoo, shrinkeedoo and bebe
Jammies ~*Buglets*~@ Thimble -  Need More Sleep 
Includes  Jammies and pose
Flip flops ~*Buglets*~ @ ToddleeDoo Fair Teagan Flip Flops
for baby and kid toddleedoo and also for Bebe
Hair *barberyumyum*69 (blond)

Beau Bebe @ ToddleeDoo Fair  - Sweet Bunny Wall Decor -
Dollhouse { DH } Gacha! Adelaide Dollhouse *Olive*
Dolls !gO! Love my doll - Pola
!gO! Love my doll - Majka
I have a few of them not all the collection
but if you like dolls you'll love them
Hammock chair dust bunny . hammock chair . long

Special thanks
Elli Kenin
Thank you for all your help!
Kisstal Resident
for your support and friendship

After a long day...

:.*♥---I'm wearing---♥*:.
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Shirt & Cape PD & B Cape @ ToddleeDoo Fair T-Shirt Lt Blue TD BB
Available for kid and baby toddleedoo and also for Bebe (comming soon!)
more colors available
Shorts <:*BoOgErS*:> Cargo Shorts
more colors available by a hud
Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] @ SL14B Masuzu hair
Choker pr!tty - Ribbon Choker - :Gift w-purchase:
Crown {T.T}Heart Crown - - GROUP GIFT -
Menu color change by Touch 
Shoes ~Lazo - Emilia Sneakers - Baby -
Big Fat Pillow <:*BoOgErS*:> @ ToddleeDoo Fair Big Fat Pillow Mint
1 or 2 seats and more colors available
Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss - Ginger
available at gacha yardsales

Special thanks 
Zen Zarco from Boogers
Roula Laville from {T.T}


*--I'm wearing--*
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head
Mesh Body  - Body - BABY (ToddleeDoo)
Dress {Criss} @ Thimble - Momoi 
includes: dress, shorts, shoes, purse and
With HUD colors change (6 colors for top and shorts)
Available for kid and baby toddleedoo and also for Bebe (Comming soon!)
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Hair  booN Lab.030 hair
Pet JIAN PeeWee Puffs :: Companion Sable

Special thanks
Julinha from {Criss}

My new toy...

*.:♥---I'm wearing---♥:.*
Outfit [Vk!] @ Thimble - Nuna Set Cream
Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^]@ SL14B - Masuzu hair
with a special discount for Second Life's 14 Birthday event
from June 18th to 25th.
Rose crown =Zenith=Spring Rose Crown 
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Spinner MadPea Mad Spinner (Group Gift)
This is a group gift from June.
You can change the color of this Mad Spinner by touch 
Poses .click. @ Limited 50 - Cutie Sits - Cutie sit 1

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely