Rain, Rain Go Away!

This raincoat and hat are available at Woodland Gatcha since 
April 1st (tomorrow)
since they are cute, you could see in other blog post more about

Pink & Blue Raincoat Outfit
raincoat, rainboots, rainhat and white leggins
Hair: [taketomi] - Miru

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Video: Rain, Rain go Away!

Lazy Kitty!

This cute outfit is available for the Lazy Sunday for kids @:
{La Moustache} Glitter {Outfitters}
include: top with a beautiful desing, leggins and boots
Rings: [tea.s] - Little Love Ring
Bracelets: {ello poppet} - from the outfit: Little Miss Stubborn 
Hair: Wasabi Pills @ The Whore Couture - Marin

Video: Kitties singing Joy, Joy, Joy!


This outfit is comming soon:
April 1st
for All The Little Things:
Outfit - That's so {Kyoot} @ [ATLT] - Khaleesi
Hair: Truth - Lottie

Special thanks to: 
Sprinklz Adored

Video: Game of Thrones intro

"Fire can not kill a dragon"

"Fire can not kill a dragon"
This cute outfit is comming soon to:
Available since April 1st

Dress, hairbow, tights and shoes
Hair: D!va - Tina

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Video: Demons- Imaging dragons - Radioactive

Sweet dreams!

Jammies: Bunny Boutique - Dotted Pjs Baby
for Toddlerama
Hair: Magika - Sweet

Special thanks to:
Leighton77 Resident
Video: Lullabie music for babies

Volverte a ver...!

Today someone made my day !
It´s time to enjoy little moments of happiness,
let´s smile!

Outfit: Oh My Sparkles -
include:dress, sandals and hairbow
Hair: tram - D219hair

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Video: Volverte a ver - Juanes

To See You Again

I would give up anything to see you again
I would give up my life and my rifle, my boots and my faith
Because in the trenches of my loneliness
Your eyes are my light and your splendor is my heart

And if not for you I couldn't live

Volverte a ver

Daría lo que fuera por volverte a ver
Daría hasta mi vida y mi fusil, mis botas y mi fe
Por eso en la trinchera de mi soledad
Tus ojos son mi luz y tu esplendor mi corazón

Y si no fuera por ti yo no podría vivir
En el vacío de estos días de no saber
Y si no fuera por ti yo no sería feliz


Outfit: Spoiled Angels - Jennah in pink
Hair: .ploom. - Vanellope

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video: A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

If you are happy...

Outfit: CutieBabys - Cilia Dress
include: top, jeans, bunny head band, slipon
Only for baby toddleedoo
Hair: Magika - Shade
Special thanks to:
Video: If you are happy 


Dress: {s.o.} - daisy dress
Socks: {s.o} - daisy socks
Shoes: {s.o} - mary janes //peach
Hair: Wasabi Pills @ The Whore Couture - Marin

Spring Charm - Celtic music


Pijamas: Bunny Boutique - Sheep pjs pink  (available in 3 other colors to choose)
include: jammies and slippers
Hair: .ploom. - Vanellope 

Special thanks to:
Leighton77 Resident


There are different kinds of "Love"
but never forget to love the ones that care for you.

...I´m wearing...
Outfit: Spoiled Angels - Pia Outfit - Love
include: cardigan, clutch bag, cowl scarf. skirt and sneakers
Hair: .ploom. - Vanellope

Love Songs  -  The Carpenters

tit tot toe @ [ATLT]

Applejack Hairbow
Fluttershy Hairbow
Pinkie Pie Hairbow
Rainbow Dash Hairbow
Rarity Hairbow
Twilight Hairbow

Turtle Watches:
Angsty Turtle Watch
Leader Turtle Watch
Party Turtle Watch
Smart Turtle Watch

All available @

Special thanks to:
Late Billing

Well since it´s time to go to bed...
Twinkle, twinkle

Someone cleaned the sky!

Outfit: ..:: CutieBabys ::.. Umbrella Dress Pink
include: umbrella, raincoat, boots and tights (hud)
only for baby toddleedoo
comes in 5 colors: teal, beige, pink, blue and rose
Hair: .ploom. - Vanellope 50% off only for today (saturday 15th)

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Video: Rain- Ryuichi Sacamoto