In Spanish!

Ok this blog post is dedicated to some of my readers who do not speak English!
This is to explain something  that you already know. Some people were asking about mesh lips!

Hoy sin editar, esto es para ayudarlas a poner su avi más bonita.
Recuerden siempre probar los demos antes de hacer la compra!!!
¿Cuáles son los mejores dientes para el avi?
[PXL] Si son niñas grandes como tweeneedoo o regular kid
necesitan nada mas este: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 [WEAR ME]
si son toddleedoo necesitan: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 [WEAR ME] 
y también el Baby mouth (recuerden que la proporción de la boca de un niño no es igual a la de un adulto) y no los venden juntos. Aparte que tienes varias opciones y necesitas paciencia para editar la boca (hagan copia de lo que van a cambiarle tamaño)

Fotos no editadas 

Veamos ahora los labios mesh de VCO con la paletita, piruleta, chupa chups o como le llamen!
Bueno, la verdad tiene un precio alto por lo que lo que les advierto que solo es compatible con las skins de la misma tienda, viene con un hud para cambiar el color del dulce y otro para el hud de la skin. Quiero comentarles que si tocan los labios pueden hacerlos  más grandes para que no quede ningún espacio  transparente y se vea bien. Por último dejenme decirles que estas fotos no están en ultra y no las voy a postear en Flickr porque es más que todo un post informativo para ustedes y es para que tengan una idea nada más, así que espero que esto les haya ayudado un poco.
VCO me parece una tienda muy buena para skins de niña o adolescente, que es lo que la mayoría ven cuando leen este blog, existen otras tiendas muy buenas y pues ustedes ya podrán saber que les va mejor para su avatar. Es casi lo mismo para los que no tienen dulce.

Las manos que normalmente uso son slink (a veces) y no son compatibles con tweeneedoo
las manos mesh son mas bonitas, no son tan proporcionadas al cuerpo de niña regular (estamos hablando de alguien que tiene un avi de unos 8 años en adelante), en el post anterior hace referencia a cuales uso, me parecen más finitas por la edad del avatar.

Prueben  antes los demos! no compren sin hacer las pruebas, porque no hay reenbolso en las tiendas.

Les deseo lo mejor y pues si tienen alguna duda me cuentan y ya veré como les explico!

Happy New Year 2016!

Best wishes for a great year 2016
with health, a good job, happiness
and blessing for you, your family and friends!
Thank you to my sponsors and readers 
from Jenna Langer

Just a Dream {Regular Kid}

...I'm wearing...
Sweater {-A-} Sweater - Black with Blue Reindeer Kissing
Hair TRUTH HAIR Amoret
Heart Bag ::C'est la vie !::  Heart Bag -Group gift-
Hands Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1
Jeans Gawk! Dark Blue Skinny Jeans (Mesh) Size XS
Teeth [PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 [WEAR ME]
Boots REIGN.-Laced Lavie Boot-(Black)

Special thanks
To all my readers 

Just a dream

Tomorrow Comes

...I'm wearing...
Top: ~LaZo @ Kid to Kid Event - Galaxy TankTop - InfinityRose -
 Baby Available since Jan 5th
2 options: with or without a design in front of the top
Skirt: ~LaZo - LilLady Skirt - Baby - FATPACK
Hair: *barberyumyum* @ SaNaRae - 61 (blonde)
Binky: {LPP} Bunny Binkies *Petal*
Jewelry {T.T} @ Hello Beautiful! - Reika necklace -resizer
{T.T} @ Hello Beautiful! - Reika earring R resizer
Rings: :*BABY*: HELLO BEAUTIFUL Sweet Ring Set - TODDLEEDOO - Pink
Shoes: Bad Seed - Winged Platforms (socks) {Baby} - Pink
Pet: tomoto, @ Japanese Market -  yukiusagi dark green (wear head)
PinWheel: ~Ss~ @ Japanese Market -PinWheel <4-bladed> Dot purple
Limited time event!

Special thanks:
Evelyn from :*BABY*:
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Larina Enzo from LaZo

Jessie J - Flashlight

Dabni Roses

...I´m wearing...
Outfit  Plum Dabni Set Vintage [B]
This store has 50% off from Dec 27th to Jan 1st
Binky {LPP} Bunny Binkies *Petal*
Hair Doe: Puddin (Solid) /UNrigged/ - Blondes
Jewelry {T.T} @ Hello Beautiful! -Reika necklace -resizer
{T.T}Reika earring R resizer
You can change the color from the bow and choose another 
design for your earrings
Available both items this January 1st at Hello Beautiful!

Special thanks
Roula Laville from {T.T}

Just for today...

..I'm wearing...
Sweater ~LaZo - Fruity Sweater @ [ATLT] - Baby - Apple (Event opens in January 2016)
There are more options to choose: pear, cherry, apple, banana, orange and grapes
to change with or whiout the fruit
Skirt ~LaZo - LilLady Skirt - Baby - FATPACK
Shoes ~LaZo - Mary Janes - Baby - FATPACK
Hair *barberyumyum* @ SaNaRae - 61B (blonde)
Ribbon *barberyumyum*61B(for FAT)-ribbon HUD (GIFT)
wear your group tag (this is a hud to change the color of the bow

Special thanks
Larina Enzo


This is what Larina says:
Due RL reasons i didnt have time to create extra Christmas Stuff, so i decided to make a 50% sale in my Mainstore for the next three days! (LaZo Store)

...I',m wearing...
Hoodie ~LaZo - YaaY Hoodie - Baby - FATPACK
Boots {Aura's} @ Everything Kids Gacha Beary Snuggs {L}{Pink}
16 commons and 2 RARES
Fits all avatars
Hair Doe: Puddin (Solid) /UNrigged/ - Blondes
Tights Turducken ToddleeDoo - Polkadot Tights - White - Panty {Hud}
Beanbag~*Buglets* @ Everything Kids Gacha~ Lazy Days Beanbag [Silver]
9 commons and 1 RARE

Special thanks
Aura Milev from Aura's
Larina Enzo from LaZo
Elli Kenin from Buglets

Who is the model?

...I'm wearing...
Outfit [Vk!] Outfit -Adila-Turken Brown
Hair tram  C409 hair / creamyellow 
+Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade  Jackalope - Photographer (rez)
TA PhotoStudio Camera & Lens (part of the studio)
Blocks ... just  a simple thing I made 
I bought the textures and rezz a prim then you all know what happen

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely

Without snow!

Well probably you are going to see more pics with no snow
I get mad every time I crashed while taking pics
so to help a little with my blog stuff, instead of crashing every 5 min
Plus I live in a country with no snow as I told you in past blog posts
so back to the blog post:

...I'm wearing...
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair - UNRIGGED - Golden
 Outfit [Vk!] Outfit -Yanny-Pink

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely

Before going out!

You liked the past blog post about this outfit
so I decided to repost with a mix of color items in mint

ONLY for BABY TD (Meche Outfit)

...I'm wearing...
Crown ToddleTeeZ @ Brick Lane - Winter Princess Crown Gold
The snowflakes and tips have an animated sparkle to them.
7 commons and 2 Rares.
Meche -Snowsuit Hood {Baby} Mint
Meche -Snowsuit Coat {Baby} Mint
Meche -Ear Muffs {Unrigged} Mint
Meche -Snow Mittens {Baby} Mint
Meche -Snowsuit Pants {Unrigged} Cream
Meche -Snow Boots {Baby} Mint
Hair Magika - Beans

Special thanks
Eeilee from Bad Seed and
Connor from ToddleTeeZ

Best Day!

Well I had the best day in SL
I don´t have pics because I was in the Annual Snowball Fight with the Lindens
They had a vendor with a gun to choose from a hud. I had a great time
plus I met them! Idk who won...maybe all because everybody was  so happy and having fun.
Plus the Lindens were so nice... and I have to thank one of them for a tp to the fun area.
I crashed and miss the snow riffle so I had to go back to get the hud for the snow riffle and  I was talking to other girl and I think he read what I said so he tp me to join them! 
I´ll put them in my best memories!
Oh this was the outfit that  I was wearing! 

...I´m wearing...
Outfit [Vk!] Reindeer Outfit Rainbow
Hair Magika [Hair] Beans

 Special thanks
Lorena Mosely from [Vk!]

Inside Out - It's my Life
All the credits to the creators of this wonderful movie


I think this is the best description for the outfit!
Yes I´m blogging, I know its almost xmas but designers 
are still working for all and I have more blog post to come in a few hours and days.

...I'm wearing...
Outfit [Vk!] NEW LOCATION!  Kristen Set -Sweat
Hair TRUTH HAIR Karlie

Pose Label Motion - Cuddly Snowman {Red&Gray} Small Size
Join the suscriber and check notices to get the gift
Toy <:*BoOgErS*:> Wagon Blocks

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely from Viv.A! Kids

Holidays are here!

This is Love First Sight. I'm not kidding
This is a beautiful Snowsuit made in collab with Eeilee and Ivy
owners of Bad Seed & Turducken. I try all the blogger pack 
but as some of you know, I like flowers so I chose the floral Snowsuit 
but all of them look so cute, delicate, femenine and the best thing: 
All toddleedoo baby girls could look cute and sweet, ready to enjoy the holidays
wearing a nice and cozy outfit for this winter!
I bet you'll love it! ♥ 
There are 30 common sets and one rare to collect (gacha)
Available in pink, blue, cream, mint, purple, white and floral (RARE)

...I'm wearing...
Meche -Snowsuit Hood {Baby} Floral
Meche -Snowsuit Coat {Baby} Floral
Meche -Ear Muffs {Unrigged} Floral
Meche -Snow Mittens {Baby} Floral
Meche -Snowsuit Pants {Unrigged} Floral
Meche -Snow Boots {Baby} Floral
Hair Magika - Sparkle

One more thing.... Be nice Santa is comming!
Happy Holidays!

Special thanks
Eeilee! ♥

Let it Go - Frozen

Let's Dance!

...I'm wearing...
Outfit ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Plie Chasse Jete Full Outfit @ Addicted to Pink
Hair Magika [Hair] Meadow
Necklace {T.T}Cute cloud Necklace  Group Gift

Special thanks
Zahra Yue from ToddleTeeZ
and Roula Laville from {T.T}

I'm in Trouble!

...Im wearing...
Dress Neverland - Limited 50 Holiday Dress - Plaid BABY
Includes other version of dress with shoes!
in this case I had to took off my shoes to find out what was it,,,coal! 
Coal Bag {PB} 50 Linden Friday - You've Been Naughty! Coal Bag Pink {wear}
{PB} 50 Linden Friday You've Been Naughty! Coal Bag Pink (Rez)
click in the coal! and you can choose different bag colors
Hair *ARGRACE* RIN - Baby Blonde (Unrigged)

Special thanks 
Ryleigh from {Petite Bowtique}


LaZo for baby and kid toddleedoo

...I'm wearing...
Sweater ~LaZo - Wool Sweater - Kid - FATPACK
Skirt ~LaZo - Denim Skirt - Kid - FATPACK
Hair TRUTH HAIR Elyse [Unrigged]
Tights: Turducken ToddleeDoo - Polkadot Tights - White - Panty {Hud}
Shoes ~LaZo - Mary Janes - Kid - FATPACK
Candy {Blubb} Candy Cane Mouthie old group gift

Special thanks
Larina Enzo