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::Escuelita de Pekes::


Some kids in sl wants to go to school, but they
 can´t understand english language so, for them it´s difficult to 
registrate for a school in sl.

Let me introduce the first Hispanic School with a Rp completely in spanish language!!

The school's name is:

They wear uniforms
Teachers speaks spanish
Subjects: science, art, english and literature
There´s no payment for school, but I suggest to donate, because they have  a dream,
giving education for the kids of the hispanic community

 for donations (there's no payment for school, but we suggest to donate) 
so they can keep their dream alive!


Bebi had a dream...
she wanted to go to school in spanish!
She is one of the owners and the person who have a dream, about
having a school with a rp in spanish.


Kids who speaks portuguese (and understands spanish language) are welcome too!
there´s one student who speaks portuguese and
one american girl who have a little knowledge of spanish language

Next term begins: 
February 4th (Monday)

you can read this post in spanish: (Koyote-Free Blog)

Muchas Gracias:
labebita Resident

[Petit Silhuoette]

Basic T-shirts which were originally made for regular kid avi and converted for ToddleeDoos. 
 There are 10 color packs and each pack includes 4 shades of the color, and basic color pack of white and black.

Both shirt and pants textures are used on skinny layer. So if you want to wear this shirts, please keep in mind that you need to put your pants on looser layer.
Also there is Textre Change HUD for additional prim parts, such as turtle neck, sleeves and shirt bottom.

Munchkin Toes

It´s simple...I like it!
I was checking my phone and I saw this beautiful outfit and I said "I like it"
Find this outfit @ Munchkin Toes
This is for "Lazy Sunday" sale

.::Petite Bowtique::. Release!

 From Petite Bowtique & Abby Lane Royalty Bunks

Pillows Huggies Gatcha for girls & boys
20 to collect 5 rare

[Petit Silhouette]

Everybody is preparing for winter camp...


Daddy's Girl Binky

People are asking about my binky or pacifier....

My Headphones...

80L each one

I was working for mommy´s blog and I found
these cute headphones @ The Men Dept.

My advice...
This is an adult store for men, you can go with your father or another adult who can
take care of you. Never go alone to an adult store!

and rememberthis is just for this month!
then you have to find this item at:


light brown

 shoes included


 dark brown


Each one of the outfits have a little ballerina with a different hair color,
so you can choose your favorite!
only for toddleedoo @ Petite Bowtique

Thanks Manuela Wardark


Bold Jeans pants
(purple, pink and blue)

Pastels Jeans
(pink, green and yellow)
only for toddleedoo

Thanks Manuela Wardark