::Escuelita de Pekes::


Some kids in sl wants to go to school, but they
 can´t understand english language so, for them it´s difficult to 
registrate for a school in sl.

Let me introduce the first Hispanic School with a Rp completely in spanish language!!

The school's name is:

They wear uniforms
Teachers speaks spanish
Subjects: science, art, english and literature
There´s no payment for school, but I suggest to donate, because they have  a dream,
giving education for the kids of the hispanic community

 for donations (there's no payment for school, but we suggest to donate) 
so they can keep their dream alive!


Bebi had a dream...
she wanted to go to school in spanish!
She is one of the owners and the person who have a dream, about
having a school with a rp in spanish.


Kids who speaks portuguese (and understands spanish language) are welcome too!
there´s one student who speaks portuguese and
one american girl who have a little knowledge of spanish language

Next term begins: 
February 4th (Monday)

you can read this post in spanish: (Koyote-Free Blog)

Muchas Gracias:
labebita Resident