About this blog

My name is Jenna Langer and I´m the owner of this blog: "Little Friends of SL"
  • Little Friends of SL since May 4th, 2012. (7 years with this blog and  2 more with other blogs)
  • I blogged for Bitacora Viajera which is a travel blog from SL
  • I also blogged for other bloggers and I was in charge of a store's blog
  • I also blogged for Koyote-Free
  • Assistant blogger for my dad (in his blog)
  • Assistant blogger for my mom (in her blog)
  • Assistant for adult blogger spam group in Flickr and FB
  • I have three groups in Flickr, plus a moderator in other blogger groups
  • I promote my blog post in fb groups, plurk and Flickr

Updated October 27th. 2019.