Walking by myself...

New Rigged hair for us toddleedoo kids and babies!
yeah! I know!
Toddleedoo's avis can´t wear rigged mesh...
that´s not completly true...
there are some stores like cute bytes with beautiful hair
and now this cute hair from EC

I was taking pics for mom
so I can show her something really nice that happened to me.

I want to thank Ms. Priscilla, Tiff  and my classmates because they drew a smile in my face yesterday.
Sometimes we feel sad, cuz we are alone, but they are always people who care for us:
"the ones, walking by ourselves"... give a big hug and a thank you to all of those special people.
I also want to thank Ms. Mindy, because she is a nice person and she is always there for all.


Hair: .ploom..ploom. Isa NEW!
This is a new hair from .ploom.
Outfit: Baby Pie  Beary Loved
(regular kid & toddleedoo)
Scooter: Sweet Baby @ Market Place- Kick Scooter Mesh - Pink
I think you don´t need any descriptions...

Well I have to say something I unpacked the kick scooter and it´s a
nice way to surprise a costumer with a thank you, a nice tune and a cute box!
really I am impressed!

Video: Sofia The First - I´m not ready to be a princess


Hi  :)
I hope you had beautiful day!
Today I went to Candii Kitten and found this beutiful outfit for
Lazy Sunday sale...

 One of my friends and owner of a store let me take some pics for the blog,
he is a nice guy, but he was concern because he doesn´t want to call 911 
if I hurt myself or calling dad, because I was not a good girl with his pets.
He has bunnies and sheepies...but mama sheepie almost hurt me, because she wanted
 to be part of the pic, so that´s why you can see in the second pic a white sheepie
before she pushed me!


Outfit: Candii Kitten Cassidii
Hair: D!va Zaara   NEW!
Prop & Poses: Candii Kitten Skate board Pose Pack!

Special thanks to:
Supremo Piers...
Owner of INK virtual designs


includes: Babydoll top, short and flip flops
for toddleedoo kids and babies 

includes: shirt, ruffled skirt and flip flops
Both Outfits have a flowers on these beautiful designs, 
both are specially made for this summer and for all of us
Only for toddleedoo kids and babies 
@ Inner Peace for 50L friday! 

I know it´s saturday but I just log in and it´s there!!
waiting for you! so hurry up!

Riley Sapphire: Thank you because you've been always nice and sweet


Hi Dear Friends!
 Why I am so happy? well I love Fridays...
I feel free from a busy week so I hope you have a great weekend! :)

-Winnie outfit in blue-
I love this outfit from Turducken
blue is one of my favorite colors
only for toddleedoo kids and babies

Live.Laugh.Love Fair 2013...

Tomorrow opens this big event of charity:
From: May 19th to June 1st

A Kid Again
Give a child with a life-threatening illness a chance to be a kid again

About a Kid Again:
A kid again strives to enrich the lives of children with life threatening illnesses and their families by
providing healing times of respite through fun-filled group activities and destination events.

Remember helping a kid and a family gives lots of joy in your heart! Let´s give them a chance!

All funds from the event will go directly to A Kid Again,
 You can buy items and there are also thermometers so you can donate Lindens,
and a silent aution opens on May 27th and ends on May 31st at 6:30 pm and a live aution on May 30 at 6pm

This event opens tomorrow Sunday 19th  at 3pm 

I´ll post tomorrow the slurl for this event!

UPDATE L.L.L. slurl 

{Little Pixels}

-Naturally Sweet-

Top, shorts, shoes and a strawberry mouthie
this outfit is part of the Wacky Wednesday Sale

Only for toddleedoo kid and baby

Video: Pinkie Pie...


Mommy´s little Boo

I took these pics for me and I posted on fb, one of these pics is dedicated to my uncle Zarek,
because he is so special with me!

this outfit comes with  a sweater, shorts, bow and shoes
and you can find it @ Buttons & Bows at imagine NEW LOCATION!


Sometimes I had nightmares,  I dreamed with  people looking for Jenna
they want to tell me that something is wrong...

I dreamed walking at the garden... all night
I found someone who walks behing me...

 but I turned myself to check who is the person walking behind me...

but everytime I look for this person....poof! nobody is there...
just me!

This beautiful jammie is part of the special sale at Style me
includes shirt, pants, slippers,eye mask


Happy Mother´s Day to all those special 
women who loves their kids so much!
Have a  wonderful day!

I´ve been sick and for some reason my mom have a special radar
to know when I´m not feeling well, so she came and hug me with her
special and magical words...LOVE U mommy Beta!

Video: Mother´s prayer - Celine Dion

*Purretes* @ imagine


*Purretes* has this outfit for the special sale at imagine
includes shirt, shorts, flip flops and pacifier, bow
shape and skin: *Purretes* Mainstore last day of discount! HURRY!   Kiara
Eyes: Ikon Vanity eyes blue NEW!
Hair: D!va Mayumi3 typ type B

CEREZA WHITE from *Purretes*

This is so cute!!! nice romper with cherries :)
Includes: binky, earings, necklace, romper and sandals
only for toddleedoo kids and babies
Find this beautiful outfit  *Purretes* @ Style Me

Special Thanks 
Purreta Mint
Video: Gummy bear song

Heart Sparkles...

Well I´ve been away from sl almost a week for different reasons but I found something that probably you will like to  have :) I love glitter and sparkles so I decided to go to Catwa and I found this 
Jeweled eyed shadow v2

What makes you beautiful (thepianoguys version)
One Direction

Aura's for Wacky Wednesday!

Well this is my favorite for today...(Wacky Wednesday sale)
only for toddleedoo kid and baby  
sandals 73L, romper 73L 
till midnigh sl time

Video: Elmo´s ducks


This is a cute costume from the store -Bubz Babes-
antlers, wings, dress, shoes with resize script

Hair: D!va 

Special thanks to:
PrettyBubblez Resident

Video: Busy Bumble Bee