Following my Dreams...

Top: . tiptoes - Sweetheart Top - White - B
Pants: Turducken ToddleeDoo - Jeans - Lights - Blue - Cuff L
Necklace: {Blubb} Kitten Bell Necklace  (makes noise when you walk)
Pocket Pet: .Birdy. Pocket pet {Bunny} White
Bunny ears: Glam Affair - Deco Bunny Ears (Dots) Candy
Hair: [LOVE SOUL] Hair*156*White Blonde(Click to resize)
Backpack: :*BABY*: @ Hello Beautiful! - Kawaii Doll BackPack {strap A}
Shoes: Bad Seed - Kawaii Shoe

 Special thanks
Evelyn from :*Baby*:

Everything was ok...

 Something about a naughty day in rl: long time ago I cut my hair
 when my dad saw me, he smiled, next day he don´t allow me have a normal school day
(I was absent)
He called for an appointment with the hairstylist and before that  we went to a professional
photographer studio, to take me a photo before going to get  a new hair cut.
My mom was mad, but my father was so happy that he had his little devil's photo on his desk
at his office.
(6 years old, little devil)

Crayons & face paint: {Charming} @ Hello Beautiful! - PIcture day fail
Binky {PB} @ Hello Beautiful! - Princess Pink Pacifier
Backpack: Bad Seed @ Hello Beautiful! - Kawaii Backpack - White {Baby & Kid}
Outfit: . tiptoes - Simple Day Dress - Creme - B
Shoes: REIGN.- Ribbon Flats (Babies) - Tan
Poses: .click. - Portrait Chair - Purple

Special thanks
Ryleigh from {Petite Bowtique}
Eeilee from Bad Seed
Henrie Macaron  from {Charming}


Hair: Magika [Hair] Itch
Undies: Turducken ToddleeDoo - Vintage Underthings - White {Hud}
Bloomer: {PB} Skyler Bloomer Mint Dot Baby
available in other colors and also without dots
Binky: {PB} @ Hello Beautiful! - Stache Mint Pacifier
Baby Cup: {PB} @ Hello Beautiful!- Little Prince Mint Cup
Necklace: {Blubb} Kitten Bell Necklace  (makes noise when you walk)
Shoes: REIGN. For Saturday Sale!!- Ribbon Flats (Babies) - White  75L each color
YES!!! specially for us!!! TODDLEEDOO!!!

Special thanks
Ryleigh from {Petite Bowtique}

Waiting for my troop to have fun!


Aphrodite "Fun Floating Island - Family, babies & Kids" Floater
Aphrodite "Funny Floater" GACHA "Donut"
Aphrodite "Funny Floater" GACHA "Pizzaaa!"   RARE
Aphrodite "Funny Floater" GACHA "Bug"

other credits
Bikini: ~Dream. Bikini Blueberry {B}
Floatie: .Dream ~ Arm Floatie Sailor Blue 
Hair: [LOVE SOUL] Hair*155*White Blonde NEW!!

Special thanks
Marina Ramer

Arcade is Comming!!!

[RI] Carving Table
[RI] Pumpkin (Bat Pattern)
[RI] Pumpkin (Cat Pattern)
[RI] Open Pumpkin RARE
[RI] Pumpkin (Boo Pattern)
[RI] Pumpkin Guts
[RI] Ghostly Gourds RARE
[RI] Pumpkin Seeds
[RI] Candles
[RI] Candy Apples
[RI] Carving Knives
[RI] Hanging Bat
[RI] Stool
...other credits...
Costume: . tiptoes - Halloween Kitten 
[LOVE SOUL] Hair*155*White Blonde NEW!!
*windsong. ; happy halloween garland { freebie } 

Special thanks
Jame Lorakeet

Are you ready?

Thank you Daphne! check Doe's hair

*...On Addie...*
Outfit: {PB} Betty Outfit Blue
Includes: hairbow and shoes
Hair: [LOVE SOUL] Hair*148*Auburn

*...On Jenna...*
Shirt: {PB} Kristen Shirt Fatpack - Kristen Shirt Bleached Dots Baby
Leggins: {PB} Solid Leggings + Heart Bonus - Black Short Leggings Baby
Hair: Doe - Puddin - Blondes
Shoes: BadSeed/Turducken - Mary Janes w/ Socks - Baby Size - Past editions from Limited 50
School Board: {tg.}@ Neverland Kids Gacha - school board with props.

Special thanks
Ryleigh from {Petite Bowtique}
and Gemma Morland from {tg.}


Outfit: {PB} Melinda White Baby
Hair: Doe: Elfie /UNRigged/ - Blondes
Sneakers: {PB} Pink Ombre Sneaker 

Special thanks
Ryleigh from Petite Bowtique


Outfit: {PB} Janelle Pink Baby
with 2 leggin options: short or long. I'm wearing short (because I have sneakers)
long is for barefeet.
Hair: Doe: Ericka - Blondes
Poses: {tg.} @ Neverland Kids Gacha - Back to School! 
Opens on Auguts 29th

Special thanks
Ryleigh from Petite Bowtique and 
Gemma Morland from {tg.} poses

Dreams {TweeneeDoo}

Nightdress: [S*] @ Fit for a Princess Darling Nightdress - Lace
Hair: Magika [Hair] Gone

Special thanks

Community {Regular Kid/TweeneeDoo}

Shirt: [S*] @ Big Dreams for Big Kids - Open Button-Down - Pinkish Purple
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nathalia
Pants: Tee*fy Leah High-Waisted Skinny Jeans XXS Black
Boots: REIGN.- Quinn Boots- L (FATPACK)

Location: Oceanside Community Center @ Little Wonders

Special thanks
Daniella from [Second Star*]

Little Megan

Shape and skin: {LPP} @ Fairytale Forever Event Megan TD  skin & shape *Summer*
Outfit: {Blubb} Merkitten Overall -Baby-
Necklace: {Blubb} Kitten Bell Necklace  (makes noise when you walk)
Hair: Doe Ericka - Blondes
Shoes: Turnips. saddle shoes 3

Special thanks
GemmaNoelle from {LPP}

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight

In my Dreams!

Outfit: Blubb & Candy Cloud : rose vintage jumper baby
Hair: Tableau Vivant @ Collab88\\ Reverie hair - Blonds
Sleep mask: Sleeping Beauty SLeep Mask not available anymore
Turnips. saddle shoes 2 TDB

Items for Hello Beautiful! Opens September 1st
{T.T}School time Purple backpack pack Front Resizer/stretched
also available a stripes version for boys or girls
{T.T}Rubber ADD ME -Resizer/stretch-
{T.T}Pencils ADD ME -Resizer/stretch-
{T.T}Back to school Book ADD ME -resizer/stretch
{T.T}How to train your teacher Book ADD ME -resizer/stretch-

Special thanks
Roulla Laville from {T.T}

Even if momma says No!

I love ballet.
I love my slippers and if I could do it
I would like to sleep with them,
Dance on weekends and go shopping with them.
But momma said no slippers on, if you are not in dance class.
How can a little girl wait for the assign dance days?
How can you survive without dancing in your slippers?
Even if momma says no!

...I'm wearing...
Jumper: {PB} @ Limited 50 - Lanna Jumper Pink Baby
Eyeglasses{T.T} @ Limited 50 - Jolie fille glasses -Pink dots/resizer-stretch
Binky: :*BABY*: Brianna - Binky (this is part of Brianna's outfit)
Necklace: Kaleidocope @ Limited 50 - Swing for Joy - Gold
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/@ FaMESHed -  Erin Mesh Hair - UNRIGGED - Rye
Ballet Slippers: Bad Seed - Satin Ballet Shoes -Pink {Baby}

Special thanks
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Eeilee from Bad Seed


Outfit: Meche @ La Boutique - Catalina Outfit - Rose {B}
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ @ FaMESHed - Erin Mesh Hair - UNRIGGED - Rye
Sandals: Bad Seed - Winged Platforms {Baby} - Pink