Everything was ok...

 Something about a naughty day in rl: long time ago I cut my hair
 when my dad saw me, he smiled, next day he don´t allow me have a normal school day
(I was absent)
He called for an appointment with the hairstylist and before that  we went to a professional
photographer studio, to take me a photo before going to get  a new hair cut.
My mom was mad, but my father was so happy that he had his little devil's photo on his desk
at his office.
(6 years old, little devil)

Crayons & face paint: {Charming} @ Hello Beautiful! - PIcture day fail
Binky {PB} @ Hello Beautiful! - Princess Pink Pacifier
Backpack: Bad Seed @ Hello Beautiful! - Kawaii Backpack - White {Baby & Kid}
Outfit: . tiptoes - Simple Day Dress - Creme - B
Shoes: REIGN.- Ribbon Flats (Babies) - Tan
Poses: .click. - Portrait Chair - Purple

Special thanks
Ryleigh from {Petite Bowtique}
Eeilee from Bad Seed
Henrie Macaron  from {Charming}