Ready for the Adventure!

 Snapshot by Goizane Resident (my aunt)
She came to say good bye and have a nice camp with Sakura and uncle Carlo 

Now it´s official: Tomorrow at 2 pm slt we are going to begin a new adventure at winter camp (Hardknock)
It´s my third camp, I´ll try to post, but lag could be an issue
tomorrow I have a last minute post then prepare for camp.

Remember that we are not allow to post any snapshot until all cabins are at camp so until next time...

Video: winter camp 2012


Dress:  Little Closet - Coat dress - Bubblegum/vanilla
Hair: D!va - Jina
Necklace: LacieCakes - Eternal
Earrings: LacieCakes - Maelie
Bracelet: {T.T}@ Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters - Cabin 5
Tights: {Petite Bowtique} - Sheer pastels
Shoes: {Little Pixels} - Patent Shoe baby pink

Video Music Box: Let it go - Frozen


Outfit: {s.o} - Vintage denim // purple
include: oldman tights, vintage denim//purple, boots, vintage denim hairbow
Eye glasses: Aura´s - Cutie eye Glasses for Toddleedoo
Hair: [Love Soul] -Hair*093*
Nail Polish: {Petite Bowtique} -Cotton Candy Nails in pink

Special thanks to:
Shai Omai
Video:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


Outfit: The Blossom - Blossom Paris
include: sweater, leggins, necklace and shoes
Hair: LaViere @ The Seasons Story - Tiffany blonde
Bearmuff: Noodles@ Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters - Bearmuff Creamsicle
Bracelet: - {T.T} @ Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters - Cabin 5 Bracelet
Rings: [tea.s]- Little Love Ring -Rose-
Noodles - Delicate Heart Ring Rose Gold

Special thanks to:
Roulla Laville

Video: When can I see you again

Whimzie by Lishi

Decorations for your bunk or cabins!!

Available at:

PIXIE DUST for Camp!

Pixie Dust is here with camp stuff too!

Spoiled Angels

These bunks are available at:

Tiny Trinkets for camp!

Cabin Bracelets

pompom knit hat

**Frozen characters in 2 suitcases

Find them at:

Turducken´s Camp Store

backpacks, flashlights, binoculars, floral suitcases


bears (vanity pose bears and activity pose bears)

Vintage luggage

bunks in 6 different colors

baby bunks - twinkle lights


talking about camp, I decided to visit some stores...

CAMP! CAMP! CAMP! post#4

 As you see there are lots of stuff for camp ... giggles!


peacey's poses & animations PPA




winter pillows


suitcases, tutu and cabin capes

Baby Bunny Clothing Co.

Let me describe:
Cabin outfits, socks and shoes, cabin pajamas and sleep masks


Raw Muffinz

Harmonie Inc.




Two by Sea

Camp HardKnock Shopping Headquarters Taxi