Samantha {Regular Kid} TweeneeDoo

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...I´m wearing...
Mesh Body: Cute Bytes @ Hello Beautiful -TweenyDoo 
Skin and Shape: Bad Seed @ Hello Beautiful! - Samantha - Pale
Also son extras: pink lips,freckles, blush there are also tears and red nose
I like freckles but you can wear the skin without freckles.
this is a nice and complete set!
Outfit: Second Star - Cardigan Dress - Dahlia
Hair: Magika - Dreamy
Shoes: R(S)W - Classic Black Licorice Second floor!

Special thanks
Eeilee from Bad Seed
and Bit McMillan from Cute Bytes
One Direction - The Story of my Life

Alea Loves to Travel...

Skin and Shape: Bad Seed @ Hello Beautiful! - Alea
includes: Alea eyes, shape, elf ears, freckles, glitter, lunar
Shirt: Little Closet - T-shirt - white
Cardigan: *Purretes* - Lilac Mesh Cardigan
Backpack: *Purretes* @ Woodland - Animal Backpack - Mouse
Shoes: *Purretes* - Slip Ons - Zebra Slip Ons
Hair: .ploom. - Kerry

Special thanks
Eeilee from Bad Seed and 
Purreta Mint from *Purretes*

Happy New Year 2015!

Hi Dear Friends!
I hope you have a sweet year 2015 with lots of blessings
Thank you to all  my readers and sponsors for your support.

Roses...{Regular Kids} TweeneeDoo Mesh Body

Bit! glad you made this mesh body for regular kids
this is just the beginning! Thank you for let me play with TweeneeDoo.

...I'm wearing...
Mesh Body: Cute Bytes @ Hello Beautiful! - TweeneeDoo - YoungGirl (v.0.1) 
try demo first!
Outfit: Second Star - Cardigan Dress - Rose
Antlers: {T.T} - Little Rudolph Head Band
Hair Truth - Dariela
Nail Polish: *Awwdorable* @ Hello Beautiful! - Cracked Nails ToddleeDoo
Shoes: R(S)W- Mary Janes- Classic Red Licorice
Cell phone: Label Motion old suscriber gift - My mobile phone

Special thanks
Kaci Soderstrom from *Awwdorable*
Bit McMillan from *Cute Bytes*
Roula Laville from {Tiny.Trinkets}

New Mesh Body for {Regular Kids}

TweeneeDoo The New Mesh Body for Regular Kids
from *Cute Bytes* 
Available @ Hello Beautiful! Event
Opens: January 1st. 2015

First of all if you are a Toddleedoo user its almost the same thing and for regular kids I´ll help you with the hud and some tricks but you can ask a Toddleedoo...they almost have a master degree in their huds. :p
I think the secret to a perfect fit of this mesh body "TweeneeDoo"
is the correct proportion of your mesh body that you can modify to look better.

Look to the neck! the hud has some skin options to match your neck, *Purretes* and Bad Seed  has appliers for the whole body to match the skin, I hope one day we can dream with appliers like adult avis so we can have a perfect skin match for the mesh body.

How to....
First wear your regular kid shape then add the alpha+body+body controller, then you can edit your shape
I´m giving a little clue... then relog, this helps a lot!

 This is how I edited the mesh body TweeneeDoo, remember to save it!

for clothes:
You only have to "add" the clothes, not the alphas from clothes...
take a look!

About the Hud

1. Skins: to match with your mesh body
2. Nails: choose a color or change them using ToddleeDoo appliers available in some stores
or check Market Place
3. Clothes: you can hide some parts of your body with alphas just by  a click

Regular Kid Stores {clothes}
Update: *Purretes*
{Shoes} (some ideas)
R(S)W (for girls)
but they also have nice tenis shoes for boys!
 adult stores

Things that you should know:
Try demo first!!
Slink and Soken bare feet don´t work with "TweeneeDoo"
Updates are guaranteed
Nail polish:
Better if it´s only with one color only.
You can buy ToddleeDoo appliers
But wait for more updates!
You can wear rigged and unrigged hair too!
About clothes:
smb clothes are compatible

Let's Travel!

Opens: January 1st, 2015
Believe me many good things are comming for next year with amazing events and beautiful designs.
There's also a new release comming soon for regular kids: A New Mesh Body comming soon!
back to this blog post!
...I´m wearing...

Outfit: ToddleeTeeZ @ Woodland - Little World Traveler
tutu, earings, sweater includes undershirt, shoes
 and lace bubble pants with optional butt ruffles (RARE),
passport (you can add your own picture) , camera (sounds on touch) , suitcase
Hair: Truth - Demelza

A little update: this place is Caesarea at Israel Island
Special thanks
Zahra Yue from ToddleeTeeZ

Traveling around the Grid!

This is one of my dreams in rl...

All available since January 2015!

...I'm wearing...
Shirt: *Purretes* @ Woodland - I love Travel Pink
Hair: .ploom. - Betsy
Sunglasses: *Purretes* @ Woodland - sun glasses
Pillow: *Purretes* @ Woodland - neck pillow
Passport: *Purretes* @ Woodland - passport
Camera: *Purretes* @ Woodland - Cute Camera
Cap: *Purretes* @ Woodland - cap celebrity memory
Shorts: *Purretes* @ Woodland - Short
Boots: *Purretes* @ Woodland - Triumph boots
Backpacks: *Purretes* @ Woodland - Cute suitcase RARE (yellow)
Travel Backpack RARE (light blue)
Travel Suitcase to wear RARE (green)

Sun&Sand= Personal thoughts...

Talking about something...
Well usually I don't write lots of things here because I think people are more interested in other stuff but, people love drama. I´m a polite person with good manners, shy very shy, a non communicative person. When people makes drama about little stuff: I don´t answer, it takes two people to have a fight and I'm not going to take part of it. If every people im me with good mood and polite, probably you'll have a nice conversation and I´ll be a nice girl.
Hablando de algo...
Normalmente no escribo aquí en español, pero haré uso de este idioma para decir lo siguiente:
Soy una persona educada y amable cuando alguien me escribe, no me gusta el drama y lo evito. Si alguien se molesta conmigo y esa persona comienza algo, yo no contesto. Si las personas vienen a mi con amabilidad yo soy amable y amigable, no tengo el carácter latino, soy más bien retraída en estos temas y no me presto a seguir cualquier cosa. 

The End.

let's go to blog stuff!

...I'm wearing...

Outfit: *Purretes* - Navy set
includes: sweater, leggins hud, shoes and hat
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Claudette

Special thanks
Purreta Mint

In the Navy - The Muppet Show

Mini Roses...

...I'm wearing...
Outfit: *Purretes* - Mini Roses set
includes: sweater, leggins hud, hairbow (I´m not wearing) and shoes
Freckles: {ud} - Cute Freckles
Hair: .ploom. - Kerry

Special thanks
Purreta Mint

Magical Place...

Outfit: Aura's - Arabella Rose
includes: dress, tights, shoes and hairbow
 (I´m not wearing the hairbow, because I want to show you the new hairstyle)
Hair: taketomi - momoka NEW!!!

Last days of Vacations...

yeap! these are my last days of vacations in rl
because January 5th is waiting for me. Time to go back!
But every new year brings blessings...

...I'm wearing...
Outfit: tiptoes - cute and chilly -blue
includes: scarf, shoes, jeans hud, jacket, shirt
Hair: taketomi - Saya  NEW!
Poses: Kirin for 50L Friday - Cute pin wheel 
poses 3 and 4

My Best Wishes for all of you!

Best wishes for you, your family and friends.
Merry Christmas!
from Jenna

2 videos from The Piano Guys

*...Flower Girl...*

...I´m wearing...
Dress: Viv.A! Kids - Flower Girl Outfit
bouquet is included (not scripted with particles) 
Hair: Magika - Beans

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely

Daddy's Angel - The perfect father daughter wedding song!