Last minute!

Just in case!
Doggo and I went to Meridian Coast Community 
but we never get into this home
just took the snapshots outside.
We are safe! We respect rules!
We just wanted some candies and snapshots for this blog post.

...I'm wearing...
Dress: FTi.~ Ryleigh Halloween Dress Orange {BEBES}
there are 2 options orange or black
Cat mask "mignon."@ Sanarae -cat mask.  (gift)
Hair Magika [Hair] Thoughtful
Bucket -RC- Trick or Treat @ The Play Room - Tricker Bucket - Vampire
Shoes ~LaZo - Mary Janes - FATPACK - HUD
Pet JIAN @ The Ephipany - Hallow-Inu :: Prince Doggo RARE

Special thanks
MontanaMay ♥
New sponsor from FTi

In my place.

...I'm wearing...
Outfit: The Spunky Monkey @ ATP - Nelly Owl Outfit 
fits TD Baby and Kid
more options available: bear, bird, lamb, turkey, and pink outfit
each pull includes hairbow, binky dress, socks, shoes 
This event opens November 1st to November 25th.
Earrings: {amiable} @ Candy Fair 2016 Heart Petit Candy Fair2016 Gift Earrings_Gold (GIFT)
Hair: - /Wasabi Pills/@ Chapter Four - Aiko Mesh Hair - 
Owl: *MishMish* Tawny Owl 
Bag:  ::C'est la vie !:: Erja bag Group Gift

Special thanks
Skylar Christine
New Sponsor from Spunky Monkey ♥

Be happy!

...I'm wearing...
Shirt: !LLL! @ Trunk or Treat Gift - kitty behind shirt baby 
Pants . tiptoes - Pants Clothing HUD - Dark Gray
Hat ASO! @ Sanarae Devil Hat  (Gift)
Eyeglasses +Half-Deer+ Bat Wing Glasses - Striped
Hair Magika [Hair] Thoughtful
Bag ::C'est la vie !:: Erja bag Group Gift
Boots Viv.a! Kids -Leather boots- Black 
Pillow ~*Buglets*~ @ Trunk or Treat -  Batty Toast Pillow [Peach]
Balloons **Cute Bytes** @ Trunk or Treat - My Ballooney - BOO Gift
Ghost *MishMish* Scared Ghost

Special thanks
Elli Kenin

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Despicable Me 2 - Lyric Video)

Here it is!

"Jenna please! show us your hair.
Well here it is! Someone asked me if I can take a pic of this hair again

just in case you are curious...
...I'm wearing...
Outfit tiptoes. . tiptoes - Web Outfit
you can make a copy of the bow to have 2 instead of one.
Eyeglasses +Half-Deer+ Bat Wing Glasses - Black
Earrings: ~*Buglets*~ @ Trunk or Treat - Creepy Eye Earring (Gift)
you can change the color of the bow and eyes by a hud
Hair: [Mello] @ Candy Fair - Martian Girl - Hair 04 (Gacha)
more colors available!
Special thanks
Elli Kenin

Are you ready?

Welp! he is so royal for me! 

...I´m wearing...
Makeup? my skin includes this makeup
Outfit: tiptoes. - . tiptoes MP- Mr Franky Outfit
Earrings: ~*Buglets*~ @ Trunk or Treat - Creepy Eye Earring (Gift)
you can change the color of the bow and eyes by a hud
Opens on Octuber 4th and closes on November 7th
Hair: [Mello] @ Candy Fair - Martian Girl - Hair 04
Bucket: -RC- @ The Play Room - Trick or Treat Tricker Bucket - Frankie
Candy: [][] bh [][]  @ Candy Fair - frank pop (Gift)
Prince Pet: JIAN @ Epiphany - Hallow-Inu :: Prince Doggo RARE
Monster Bench~*Buglets*~ @ Trick or Treat Neighborhood - Monster Bench [Purple/Green]
there's also in black and orange with poses!!!!
Opens on October 23rd and closes on November 6th.

 Special thanks
Elli Kenin

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Intro This is Halloween

Nothing has to be perfect!

You are beautiful the way you are

...I'm wearing...
Hoodie - {PB} @ Brick Lane Gacha Event - Eden Hoodie Berry Baby
Headband - . tiptoes - Velveteen Kitty Headband {Bebe Bundle}
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Jody Mesh Hair - UNRIGGED
Leggins - ~LaZo - Summer Legging - black - Applier
Shoes - Bad Seed -  Mary Janes w/ Socks - Baby Size
Bucket - -RC- @ The Play Room - Trick or Treat Tricker Bucket - Frankie

Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful
 (Live From The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Bear Lover...♥

...I'm wearing...
Hoodie -. tiptoes @ The Brick Lane Gacha Event- Snuggly Bear Hoodie - Pink [ B ]
Shorts - {Little Miss} Gartered Shorts *BABY
Eyeglasses - {Kokoro} glasses - pink .::Cubic Cherry::. @ Candy Fair 2016
Earrings - {amiable} @ Candy Fair 2016 Heart Petit Candy Fair2016 Gift Earrings_Gold (GIFT)
Face stickers - +Half-Deer+ @ Candy Fair 2016 Starry Girl Face Stickers - Rainbow - Right (add)
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/@ Chapter Four - Aiko Mesh Hair - 
Leggins - ~LaZo - Summer Legging - rose - Applier
Shoes - ~LaZo - Mary Janes Shoes


...I´m wearing...
Sweater - Enchantique. Little Sweater - {Bebe Bundle}
Jeans - Turducken ToddleeDoo - Jeans - Lights - White {Hud}
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Lisara hair @ Candy Fair -
School bag - {Little Miss} School Bag  - Blue
Boots - .gypsy heart. Grace Fringe Boots - Navy {Bebe Bundle}

Sunny day! {Regular Kid, TweeneeDoo &SMB}

May her memory be blessed.

...I'm wearing...
Sweater - [S*] @ Big Dreams - Lacey Woolen Dress - Cranberry
3 colors to choose!
Necklace - Noodles - Amore Couple Necklace Rose Gold
Hair -  Magika - Stay the Night
Boots - REIGN.- Nordic Boots - Tan

Special thanks

Two blondes...

...I´m wearing...
Dress -.gypsy heart. Miranda Dress {B} Royal {Bebe Bundle}
(Group fee)
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/@ Chapter Four Aiko Mesh Hair - A
Sandals -{Little Miss} Hearty Thong   - Purple
Pet - *[Black Bantam]* @ Kustom9 - Red Retriever Puppy Boy

Just waiting...

Well if you see: Horsie was taking a break

...I'm wearing...
Outfit {PB} @ Limited 50 - Jora Outfit Overalls Baby
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ @ Chapter Four - Aiko Mesh Hair -
Shoes ~Dream. Keds - Coconut Right {B&K}
Bear {CD} Mr Bear Honey
Poses Glamrus Kids . Dylan {Bebe Bundle}

Step by step

...I'm wearing...
Dress Paper Damsels - Charla Outfit - {Bebe Bundle}
more colors available
There's a group fee to get the bundle for each month

Waterfall (Jon Schmidt Original) - ThePianoGuys

Nothing matters...A dolly who likes pumpkins!

Kids don´t care if  the clothes are new or old...
They just enjoy the moment!

...I'm wearing...
Coat, headband, socks and dolly tattoo @  The Play Room:
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Dolly Coat [Blush] (Baby)
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Dolly Headband
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Dolly Socks [Blush] (Baby)
~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Dolly Flat 
Hair [monso] @ FaMESHed - My Hair - Wendy /Blonde
Pose {tg.} @ The Play Room - Proud of My Pumpkin!
more poses available!

Special thanks
Elli Kenin and
Gemma Morland

It's gonna be Okay - The Piano Guys

Trick or Treat?

I don´t celebrate halloween but
kids love candies, costumes and spend time with friends
this is something people can't avoid!

Dress ~*Buglets*~ @ Ninety-Nine   TD Batty Dress [Charcoal] (Baby)
more colors available
Tights Turducken ToddleeDoo - Bat Tights - White - Panty {Hud}
Earrings Casita - Bat Earrings
Shoes Bad Seed - Mary Janes w/ Socks - Baby Size
Bat Turducken - Blankie Bat - Sleeping - Albino
Bucket  -RC- @ The Play Room - Trick or Treat Tricker Bucket - Frankie
I love this bucket! ♥ I love this store from long time ago
with nice animations: Trick or Treat

Special thanks 
Elli Kenin
Thank you for your support!

[Just Dance] - This is Halloween - Danny Elfman