...I´m wearing...
Outfit: Dappers & Darlings - Daisy Dress - Pasiley Blue for Lazy Sunday
include: dress, hairbow, socks, shoes
Hair: LaViere - Miki blonde
Rings: [tea.s] - Little Love Ring
Poses: .click. - Innocence @ Pose Fair

Learning to live without you...

Video: Enigma - Return to Innocence

One of a kind!

...I´m wearing...
Shape: My own - not for sale (regular kid)
Shirt: [SKM] - One of a kind Short Sleeve Tshirt Mesh
Hair: Truth - Luella
bracelet: miel - friendo bracelet
Skirt/pants: Legal insanity - joan skirt pants jeans - XXS
Shoes: 2REAL - Low Cuttlerz Shoes Box 

Special thanks to:
Diiego Levane [SKM]

Video: Let her go - Passenger


Include 2 versions:

with a cardigan

with a tank

Lovely outfit from That's so {Kyoot}
include: nerd eyeglasses, hairbow, tank, cardigan, pants, shoes

Special thanks to:
Sprinklz Adored 

Beethoven's 5 secrets - One Republic - The Piano Guys

You inspired me!

Each of my blog posts are inspired while I listen music...
<3 specially from my favorite dj...
Love U papa bear! <3

...I´m wearing...

Jacket and shirt: Snips & Snails - Rose Denim Jacket for 50L Friday for kids
until midnight! it´s so cute so please hurry!!!
Rings: [tea.s] - Little Love Ring 
Hair: Dura Boys&Girls*51 NEW!
Headband: VCO - Halloween Angel wing in white
Pants - Turducken - Jeans - Plain - Gray
Shoes: {lma} - t-straps in Navy

Video: One Direction Live while we're young

Super Hero Kids Hunt...

Comming Soon on May!!
from May 1st to May 31st

...For boys...
Outfit: Bunny Boutique - Super Hero Boy
include: mask, cape and super hero boy outfit
for kid and baby toddleedoo
Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls*51 NEW!

...For Girls...
Outfit: Bunny Boutique- Super Hero Girl
include: mask, cape and super hero girl outfit
for kid and baby toddleedoo
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Chibi Hair @ Cutie Moon Fair NEW!

Special thanks to:

Video: Hero - Mariah Carey

My point of view...

  • At the beginning

" Been a blogger is not a track and field race for an olympic golden medal, it´s because you love what you do not for a price, not for a medal here in sl. If you blog it´s because you like it, no to compete with someone else´s blog."

I began my journey as a  blogger 4 years ago, my daddy needed someone who can help him but he was not sure to let me help him. So I blogged events, hunts, free stuff for adults and other stuff with my kid avi, when my parents divorced I had a year without them in sl, so I blogged a lot with a broken heart, with sadness and lots of anger. Been a blogger was like a baby sitter for me since both of them were offline for a year ( I´m so close of both of them and their break up affected me a lot). 4 years with them is a record!

  • How I decided to have my own blog? 

I have a friend "Stasha" she is a blogger too, she gave me the idea to have my own blog but I had and issue: Should I blog in english or spanish? Well I decided to blog in english because that will be a challenge for me.
"With all the experience you have you most have your own blog and share it with us" that´s what she told me.

  • What to blog, things that you probably don´t know

Most of the outfits I´ve blogged are chosen by me, I payed for them with my own Lindens, other´s are from store´s owners that send me their designs to be blogged by me. I am thankful for your confidence to blog your creations and beautiful desings: thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Sometimes I mix and match, but most of my time I blog complete outfits only adding some accesories.
I almost have 3 years with my blog, this loyal companion is my babysitter because most of my time I´m alone (only scouts on saturdays and soon I´ll go back to school). I am shy, don´t talk often to people, ADD, (attention deficit disorder in rl). When my parents divorced I had a stage of hating everything I did in the past with my parents (blogging and music) so when mom came back to sl she helped me deal with those things and feelings. I joined SL9B (Second Life's Birthday Celebration) I apply (mom push me to do it) for a stage manager (helps with stream, assist djs, and I think has lots of responsabilities with the event, I even missed camp registration that year because I was working with them at SL9B)
The first day mom was in whatsapp and I was crying in rl because all of my memories came to my mind when I was helping dad with his club as a manager, choosing the best djs for his clubs and helping with stream, events, schedule, decorations and more...Mom´s message was: "You are going to do a great job as always" and you don´t have to hate what you like... a nice way to remember something you like and someone is to continue doing what you like" ---that was she told me.(This is a way to reconcile with my past). I did again for SL10B and I don´t know if I'm going to do it for SL11B. who knows? LOL

  • Been a blogger in sl...

Has change a lot, for adult bloggers I think it´s bored just to do a snapshot in a studio with different backgrounds to simulate locations...not anymore!
You most go out to find a nice place and make a good photo composition, it´s not just click of a key, we blog for people who likes to know what to wear, what places to go, what are the new events around the grid,, the latest fashion.

  • Kids blogs

Has change a lot with many improvement and many more joining our kid's feed "Second Youth" and more feeds. As a kid blogger  I have to say: I´m glad many of you are doing your best and you share your heart in every post you share with us, now many people know that we exist as bloggers you let them know that we are part of a strong community and we are proud of our community in our own sence of style, point of view, NEVER give up doing what you like to do. Join FB, Plurk, join designer´s pages, keep working, join feeds, be friend of other bloggers, join forces, post with other bloggers, let others know that you support other bloggers in your own blog, go to events, apply for store´s bloggers. Never think in a negative way, when you don´t feel healthy or been in a good mood don´t blog, take your time, and continue taking snapshots even if you don´t blog. 
  • When to blog? How often? about critics...

Well that´s your own decision blog everytime you want or many times in a day but remember: "Do what you like and share always your best" "Never make a blog post without a snapshot included, even to make an announcement post a pic of you doing something to say "Hi I´m here!"
About critics...just do your job and don´t think about them, first you are busy trying to give the best and second if they give you a critic how to do something better you can accept it and if they have bad critics keep walking and smiling...

About me right now...
Well I have my parents again not in the way I like but I respect their own paths, I don´t feel lost in space anymore,  I help my dad from time to time but not in the way I like to do, loner most of my time, lots of blogger friends and I keep walking, trying to give my best for all the people who read my blog and I love to be a blogger and to take snapshots and I like to learn new things every day. 

Have a nice easter and pesaj for all of you!!!

Video: What makes you beautiful - The Piano Guys version


Top: {s.o} - damask vest // cream
Hair: .ploom. - Madison
Shorts: Little Closet - Dark Wash Denim Shorts
Shoes: Just Kidding: - Baby Jesus platform sandals - snow

Video: Begin Again - The Piano Guys

Learning to fly...

Dress: OSITO T'DOO @ Toddleedoo Market Sugar Falls - Frilly Bottom Dress White Blossom
Hair: Magika - Little
Crown: Pr!tty The Season Story  - Natural Girl - Headband
Shoes: {lma} - t-strap flats in rose
Bangles: [tea.s] - l.o.v.e. Bangles
Rings: [tea.s] - Little Love Ring
Tights: {Petite Bowtique} - Sheer Pastel Tights
Wings: [w] - Glitterfield Wings in pink - not available anymore :(

Video: I Belive I can Fly - R. Kelly


Shape: Jenna's shape (6-8 years old regular kid shape) not for sale
Outfit: [SKM] - Pooh Shortalls Mesh 
Bare Feet: [SKM] - Rigged Mesh Bare Feet Plain 
Crown: pr!tty - Natural Girl - Headband
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Hanako

Special thanks to 
Diiego Levane
Video: One direction - Little things 

Sweet Rainbow







Necklace: @Cutie Moon - Cutie Moon Fair Locket- gift FREE!
for a limited time!! Hurry! 
Outfit: ..::CutieBabys ::.. - Bella Dress (6 different colors to choose)
include: flower, hat, dress, flats
Only for baby toddleedoo
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Marin (now available at the mainstore)

Special thanks to:

Video: Over the Rainbow - The Piano Guys