Sun, water & sand

Outfit: Synco Inc. @ Fashion Wardrobe - Billie Jean
includes: top with hud to change textures, shorts and flip flops
available since August 1st
Hair: [Love Soul] - Hair*
Nails: -{ZOZ}Kids - Painted Star Polish & Nails (TD)
40% discount for the next 4 weeks!!

Special thanks
Synsational Difference fron Synco
and -ZOZ KIDS- (nails)

Hi everybody!

We found out that  one of the phalanges of my thumb is not in the correct position, so 
probably I´m not going to blog tomorrow and could be a delay. :(

I know there are many events comming but I have to be patient.

Jenna Langer


Outfit: ..:: Cutiebabys ::..- Annalena
includes: boots, tutu, shirt, hairbow and tights hud
Hair: Magika - Thoughtful

Special thanks


Ok I decided to make a little tutorial for these nails
I hope you like it it´s super easy, enjoy your new nails!!!

You can use the table stand...

1) Click the nails tab of your toddleedoo hud

2) on the bottom left, click the "HIDE" button

Now you have hidden your nails!

The -{ZOZ}{KIDS} Hud is very easy to use, if there are any special things about the nails such as, one finger different from the rest. It will auto apply when you select the base color.

Left side of the hud are hands, and right side of the hud is for your toenails!

There are baby and kid ToddleeDoo nails included
choose the nails that fits your avi

and enjoy!
In this store you can find adult nails for your mom so both can wear cute nails and change colors according with your outfit

-{ZOZ} KIDS taxi

Update: These are mesh nails replacement not an applier

...I´m wearing...

Shirt: Forever Young - T-shirt Owl
Shorts: Forever Young - Playtime shorts - pink
Hair: [Love Soul] - Hair*148*
Nails: -{ZOZ}Kids - Basic Polish & Nails 2.5 (TD)

Special thanks
{ZOZ} Kids


Outfit: ..::Cutiebabys ::.. -Marie Dress Blue and Pink
includes: top, shorts, necklace and sandals
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Marin

Special thanks

Just the way you are

Mommy's Little Monster!

My mom is a busy person,
last camp edition I decided to go back home
because I missed her so much.
I hope  the person who took my spot at camp enjoyed  it as I was happy
with mom's snuggles :)
We never have time for just the 2 of us! so that´s one of the reasons I've missed quality time.
I´m not an angel, so this shirt fits me very well and believe me, I´m not kidding.

Outfit: ..:: Cutiebabys ::.. - Mommy's Monster Pink
includes: shirt, pants and shoes
Hair: .ploom. Madison

Special thanks

Celine Dion - I´m your Angel

Mommy, I love you even if you don´t like what I do
and the things I like <3

I found my prince!

Well I´ve never expected this outfit...
specially for all those daddy´s little girls <3
behind me is one of my daddy's favorite pics
long time ago!

Outfit: Cutiebabys - My Prince Blue
available in white, peach, pink and blue
includes: shoes, top and shorts
Hair: [Love Soul] - Hair*148* NEW!

Special thanks

Through The Eyes of my father

daddy I love you!

Saturday Afternoon...

Outfit: Cutiebabys- Penny Dress
includes: Boots, jumper, tutu and hud tights
only for baby toddleedoo
Hair: [Love Soul] - Hair*148* NEW! updated link

Special thanks 

The Opposites Action and Dance Song


Outfit: Cutiebabys -  Lala Dress in pink and blue
includes: dress and sandals
Hair: .ploom. @ My Attic - Samantha

Special thanks: 

Olivia Holt - Carry On


 Kawaii cupcake lunchbox available @ the mainstore (gatcha)

This is the group gift, available also with the fatpack
join the group

Outfit: Synco Inc. @ Fresh Style - Cupcake fatpack
has 8 different colors to choose, cupcake hat has different funny faces 
includes: cupcake hat, shorts, flip flops, top
Hair: Magika - Sweet
You can fin this Cupcake fatpack at 150L and making them also available to purchase separately for 49L
each. All except version 8 which is now only available if you are a group member or if you purchase the fatpack as it´s options are available on the HUD.

Available since July 23
Fresh Style (website) is a sales room event that does a new round every 2 weeks. 
Prices range from 45L to 150L.

Special thanks 
Synsational Difference

Beautiful day!

Top: Minuet @ Woodland Gatcha - Meg Top - Blue & White - Baby
Shorts: Minuet  Mainstore - Blue - Belted shorts Neutrals baby 
Hair: .ploom. @ Hair Fair 2014 Brunette - Honey 
Sandals - Little Closet @ Woodland Gatcha - Little Boho Sandals Cocoa

Special thanks
Lauren Minuet


These are 3 different outfits, so you can choose your favorite!!

Lana Outfit - Pink

 Lana Outfit - Cat

Outfit: Viv.A! Kids - Lana Outfit - Black
Hair: Elikatira - Bevin

Special thanks
Lorena  Mosely