Ok I decided to make a little tutorial for these nails
I hope you like it it´s super easy, enjoy your new nails!!!

You can use the table stand...

1) Click the nails tab of your toddleedoo hud

2) on the bottom left, click the "HIDE" button

Now you have hidden your nails!

The -{ZOZ}{KIDS} Hud is very easy to use, if there are any special things about the nails such as, one finger different from the rest. It will auto apply when you select the base color.

Left side of the hud are hands, and right side of the hud is for your toenails!

There are baby and kid ToddleeDoo nails included
choose the nails that fits your avi

and enjoy!
In this store you can find adult nails for your mom so both can wear cute nails and change colors according with your outfit

-{ZOZ} KIDS taxi

Update: These are mesh nails replacement not an applier

...I´m wearing...

Shirt: Forever Young - T-shirt Owl
Shorts: Forever Young - Playtime shorts - pink
Hair: [Love Soul] - Hair*148*
Nails: -{ZOZ}Kids - Basic Polish & Nails 2.5 (TD)

Special thanks
{ZOZ} Kids