Cute Pillows!

Turducken's Life Size Body Pillow 
(mommy and daddy)
This is perfect if you go to camp, or if you miss your parents

Inner Peace for 50L friday

just for today for 50L at midnight slt
 You can find this outfit (for regular kids & tots) @

The Kid Company -New Release!-

Dreamer jammies - coral 

*Baby Pie*

Beautiful outfit from Baby Pie
you can find it for regular kids, toddlers and yabus
only for 50L Friday

I found a Kitten!

Find a big cat with a cake and a box 
Limited Edition Kittycat for this event will go home with you :)

SL9B! Let the Party Begin!

Get you hud so you can teleport to the 20 different sims

Cake Stage

Egypt Stage

 Lotus Main Stage

Welcome to the 9th Birthday of SL!

Remember this is a G (G=General) event, so all avatars are welcome! yes the kid community too! So you can bring your parents and family. :)

SL9B Sneak Peek!

Hi everybody! this is a Sneak Peak for you! 
just 24 hours before SL9B opens its doors
As a volunteer I´ve been busy but I have
this special video for all of you:

see you @ Lotus Stage... for the best Djs
(there are different stages) for example
if you want to have a different experience you should go to:
Egypt stage with a sand that moves...amazing!
and remember, tomorrow pick the teleport hud so
you can visit the 20 sims

tomorrow I'll give you the Lm to the entrance so you can get the teleport hud

SL9B is around the corner!! SL 9th Birthday!

 June 18 to June 24th 
This year´s theme is:
20 sims representing the best of SL
with the most creative residents:
builders, designers and djs
Next week I´ll publish the landmarks for the event
You can´t miss it!!

This is a special video "México en la piel"

This post is dedicated to the Mexican Community in SL

[A N A T O M Y] Body Shop

 Emily shape (299L)
This is a regular kid shape 

Thanks Karla I love the shape!!!