Lil Beauty

♥-- I'm wearing --♥
Romper~*Buglets*~  Shop Hop TD Brynne Romper
 The Brynne Romper comes with all 12 colors (via texture change HUD)
*Join the group to get the HUD with all the participating stores.
Visit each store for at least 1 minute, then click the HUD again to go to Shop Hop headquarters and receive this month's prize made by Paper Damsels.
Choker Noodles - Daisy Choker
Sandals #EMPIRE@Uber - Kniphofia -
Flower crown +Half-Deer+ Forest's Tale - Flower Crown
Hair tram  E817 hair / shell
JIAN@ The Gacha Garden Pudgy Persians 4. White Companion Kitten

♥-- Lil Beauty@The Play Room --♥
~*Buglets*~ 1. Lil Beauty Vanity RARE
~*Buglets*~ 2. Lil Beauty Stool RARE
~*Buglets*~ 3. Lil Beauty Brush
~*Buglets*~ 4. Lil Beauty Bag
~*Buglets*~ 5. Lil Beauty Lotion [Cupcake]
~*Buglets*~ 6. Lil Beauty Lotion [Ice Cream]
~*Buglets*~ 7. Lil Beauty Lipstick [Strawberry]
~*Buglets*~ 8. Lil Beauty Lipstick [Cherry]
~*Buglets*~ 9. Lil Beauty Lipstick [Peach]
~*Buglets*~ 10. Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Candy]
~*Buglets*~ 11. Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Mint]
~*Buglets*~ 12. Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Lilac]
~*Buglets*~ 13. Lil Beauty Blush [Strawberry]
~*Buglets*~ 14. Lil Beauty Blush [Rose]
~*Buglets*~ 15. Lil Beauty Blush [Peach]
~*Buglets*~ 16. Lil Beauty Compact [Milk]
~*Buglets*~ 17. Lil Beauty Compact [Honey]
~*Buglets*~ 18. Lil Beauty Compact [Cocoa]
2 RARES 16 Commons

♥--Other Credits--♥
Basket with tulips and bunny ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Sniffles the Bunny
Books dust bunny . book pile

Special thanks
Elli Kenin from Buglets