I was not sure...

to log in SL. I'm tired and it's only Wednesday.
So today someone sent me a message and convinced me to log in
to take a little time, go to check sim decoration then dinner time in rl
and time to make this blog post...The reason I can´t post daily is because I come home very late
almost 9 pm and almost time for dinner and crawl to my bed.
Things have changed in my job (they chose a new system) so it´s a lot of work to do in RL
I´ll be here posting but believe me, even my weekends I´m busy with RL job.
I even don´t want to talk to people because I´m sleepy writing this lines...
Have a nice day! and it´s time to go to dreamland for me! 
Big hugs for all of you!!!!!!!!!

...I'm wearing...
Jumpsuit ~LaZo - HoloJumpsuit - Baby
you can change the color of the jumpsuit
Hair Doe: @ Kawaii Project  Katrin (solid) - Blondes
Slippers~LaZo~ Mixed Slippers - FATPACK
Bracelet ToddleTeeZ @ Bricklane Gacha  ID Bracelet
you can find them in silver and gold. 
you also can change the color or your slippers
Unicorn [ abrasive ] @ OMAgacha Unicorn Pony Plush - Rainbow RARE

Special thanks
Larina Enzo from LaZo
ToddleTeeZ (Zahra, Connor and River)