Daddy's Sweet Love!

Nobody could probably know about how a father is so important in a child's life:
It´s not only a role model, you feel safe in daddy´s arms holding and giving the strength most kids need
during the first years of their chilhood, a father is always important gives identity about the role we all have to play in life, even for little girls a father is a blessing for them.

A father has been made to listen what mom's don´t like to hear when kids complain, but as always father´s send the kids to do what their mom planned. Father´s also have a talent to make you feel happy even if you are sad, the best advice comes from them, it´s not easy for them to be a sweet daddy, life in a rl crazy jungle called "society" don´t let them cry, but a man a real one does! with lots of sensitivity could take his heart and put it in his little baby girl hand to make her smile.

The best outfit a father can wear: is the love for his kid, patience to look for all those horrible monsters underneath the bed during our chilhood, or to confort us from our failure. Daddy´s come with special laps to sit us and play, laughing a lot, daddy´s also learn to cook even if they leave a mess in the kitchen their hotcakes are the best, because their free time is limited! they also have strong shoulders to carry us. Strong arms to hold, big hands to take our little hands to walk with them. Daddy´s also learn to give  sweet kisses even if they have to take off their shoes when we are sleeping and they have magical feet so they don´t wake up when they come late. They also have more energy to play with us.

We wait for them as if we won the lotery, but we wait for the man who is going to read us a story...daddy´s are also a good mean of transportation: strong biceps to make us fly around the house, daddy´s are the best doctors: giving kisses and also sleeping with us even if we have chicken pox, daddy's said  a lie so we can go to the ER and then go to the operating room believing that he is going to save  us like superman (just an appendicitis) amd probably when we wake up from anesthesia he will be there waiting to hug and take care with a big bear hug...sometimes circumstances don´t let them see their kids probably a divorce or living in a different city or country, but when a father love is sincere they are going to do all that they could to never forget their kiddos, because we the little ones are their best treasures of his life.

We grow up, but for them we'll be their little ones forever ...

this is what I call "Daddy's Sweet Love"

Happy Father's day!

Outfit: Bunny Boutique - Daddy's girl Aria Outfit for ToddleeRama
include: headband, tank, and pants
Hair: +Spellbound+ - Sunday

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Through the eyes of my father