A Dream is a Wish ♥

...I'm wearing...
Dress [Vk!] Cinderella Dress
includes: dress, shoes, tiara, gloves
Remember everything is available at the mainstore
not at the event anymore.
Hair TRUTH HAIR Char [Unrigged] (Vip Group Gift)
Fee to join the group
[Vk!] Fairy Tale Carriage[-Rare-]
[Vk!] Fairy Tales Collection - Fairy Tale Carriage Decoration
[Vk!] Fairy Tales Collection - Princess
[Vk!] Fairy Tales Collection - Prince
[Vk!] Fairy Tales Collection - Elegant Horse
more Fairy Tales for your collection
...more credits...
Heart bubbles +Half-Deer+ Love Bubbles - Sugar - Big Group
Sakura Petals +Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals - Big Group - Pink
Big book pile {anc} garden. pinkbook 4Li (Old gacha available @ some yardsales)
Book pile dust bunny . book pile

Special thanks
Lorena Mosely 

Lily James - A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (from Disney’s “Cinderella”)