♥ Thank you! ♥

I just want to say thanks for you support
I never thought to have 200,172 visits

I miss my blog, takings pics and writting a blog post
I´ll have some free days in RL next week.
These past days (2 weeks) were so stressful in rl plus my back hurts,
I went to the hospital on Wednesday (last week) and I was not allow to 
work in my pc, just to take a rest, medications are not working, so I tried another one, but today 
was different: This is my first day in two weeks without pain!
Finally one day without pain!!! 
I'm glad to be here and say 
Thank you!!! to all of you
My Readers & Sponsors

♥...I´m wearing...♥
Overalls { petit Macaron } Sophie Coveralls (Lilac) BABY
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Hair Magika [Hair] Beans
Slippers { petit Macaron } La Boutique Lil' Bunny FooFoo Slipper -Pink Bow-  (R)
Bunny Basket {T.T}my bunny basket  Group gift
Bunnies{anc} cotton bunny. sugar

Special thanks
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Jayme Lorakeet from {petit Macaron }
To all of you: My readers and Sponsors! ♥