Oh my duckies!

...I´m wearing...
Hat {T.T}In the rain hat 
Shirt {T.T}In the rain Shirt TD Baby
Earring {T.T}In the rain earring 
Necklace {T.T}In the rain Necklace 
Boots {T.T}In the rain TD Boots
Duck with an umbrella {T.T}In the rain Ducky buddy
check my hand!
{T.T}In the rain  umbrella boat Oar
{T.T}In the rain  umbrella boat Oar
Rain {T.T}In the rain My personal rain
yes! you can wear your own rain LOL
{T.T}In the rain Umbrella boat
row, row your boat!!
Hair tram  D428 hair / creamyellow
also nail polish included 

Special thanks
Roula Laville