Outfit: Meche @ Fiction & Fables - Rika Outfit - Blue - Complete {B}
Hair: +Spellbound+ Sunday // Unrigged - Blondes
Bag: [CGH] Macaron Bear Bag @ Mizu -All colors-(wear)
Slippers: Turducken ToddleeDoo - Floral Knit Slippers - {B} Earmuff&necklace:  Caco's Green House @ Mizu - A Rainy Story -
 Maracon Bear Wireless Music Player and Macaron Bear Wireless Headphone
Limited Edition*** Only for this event!!! 

Special thanks
Caco Nexen <3

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"Mizu" is a type of attraction that you follow the story with HUD.
After arriving the landing point, you can get HUD by touching the poster on east side.
Please don't forget attaching HUD.

*After attaching the HUD, Please click "Yes" for the permission dialog.

OK, all set, are you ready? open the door, go into the theater, and have a seat. Soon your story will begin.
The story starts every 5 minutes.
If you come with friends, we recommend sitting same color of chairs.(8 seats maximum for green, 6 seats maximum for yellow, red and blue). Enjoy the show with your friends together.
Have fun!


  • In SIM, there is a script limitation (1000kb) for comfortable experience. You can get the script checker HUD by touching our official poster.
  • Please do not use Face Lights.
We recommend these graphic settings
  • Draw distance 288 or up
  • Max particle count 256 or up
  • Basic shaders and Atmospheric shaders ON
  • Sound ON
  • If SIM is full, please wait a moment.
We appreciate your cooperation.