Broken dreams...

Please if you just want to avoid the sad lines, go to what I´m wearing
I´m really sorry.

I´m sorry for my readers but right now my feelings are bugging my heart...
When you have a frienship you learn a lot of things:
1. Take care of your friends like a plant.
 2. Nothing should be obligation for both parts.
 3. When people don´t care and don´t love you as in the past you have to admit you are not longer as important as you were. Its something that you have to deal with it.
Be autentique! You have to be as you are not a copy of another friend just because this person is a big influence in your SL. People can hurt others, because they want their freedom and they are bored of you. It's ok! Probably this person has a mask who doesn´t let her see what you tried to say or to do.
Just an opportunity to have a nice afternoon or night having fun as in the past. But none of these things are enough right now. Nothing is good enough! (They chose not to talk or to see you because they don´t want you anymore). Deal with this "old behavior". That´s the only thing you can do.
All these past weeks have been so difficult with lots of tears, its difficult to be in SL, its difficult to see how people treat and insult me in public. The only 2 people who cared were my bro and my aunt,  I couldn´t defend myself, I just had to stay in silence in my platform watching everything falling in parts. People think that you can´t love your friends, because SL is a game.  Sometimes they make you become a non likeable person, because they want you apart of them.
Yeap! I´m the person that just try to be your friend, a person who waited for you every night.

I'm trying to deal with this part, but everytime I log in SL I can´t stop crying
each of my blog post makes me cry, and I don´t know if I could be happy again.
They took away my best part of my SL, my everything, the person who was my world.

...I'm wearing...
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Lorena Mosely

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